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SWTBRDS dropped an EP by Bay Area emcee DaVinci produced by Ammbush, REL, Al Jieh & Big D called “XLIX”. Below are the instrumentals. Don’t sleep…



REL of Drums & Ammo/SWTBRDS Collective has just dropped his new long awaited instrumental project “Out Of View”. You can preview it here and then download it for free. It’s dope just like all of the previous Drums & Ammo/SWTBRDS releases so don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: REL “Break Out” (prod. by REL) [SINGLE]

Here’s the next single from REL of Drums & Ammo/SWTBRDS upcoming instrumental project “Out Of View” which drops on March 6th. This jawn is called “Break Out”. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: REL “Reality Distortion Field” (prod. by REL) [SINGLE]

REL of Drums & Ammo’s lead single from his upcoming SWTBRDS instrumental project “Out Of View” is called “Reality Distortion Field”. You can hear all 13 slaps included on “Out Of View” when it drops on March 6th, 2012 via REL’s site. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Rocky Rivera f/Davinci “SF City Retrospect” (prod. by Digital Martyrs) [VIDEO]

One of my favorite mixtapes of 2011 was easily Rocky Rivera’s “POP KILLER MXTP”. One of the many standout tracks from it is called “SF City Retrospect” featuring SWTBRDS own Davinci. Here’s the video. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: DaVinci “Feast Or Famine” [NEW PROJECT]

DaVinci’s “Feast Or Famine EP” is the re-up to DaVinci’s eye opening “The Day The Turf Stood Still” project that spoke on the state of San Francisco and the Bay Area as well as announcing to the world the presence of SWTBRDS & the production collective Drums & Ammo. Do yourselves a favor and don’t sleep on this…


DON’T SLEEP: REL “Public Transit” (prod. by REL) [VIDEO]

Rest in peace to all those citizens who were murdered and/or killed by BART officers in the Bay Area. Salute REL, Drums & Ammo and SWTBRDS. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: REL “On My Way” (prod. by REL) [VIDEO]

SWTBRDS and Drums & Ammo member REL (who also contributes to the Roy Ayers Project) just dropped the video for “On My Way” which will be the lead single to his upcoming instrumental LP “Out Of View”. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Drums & Ammo “Vol. 1 Video Collection” [VIDEO]

If you enjoyed SWTBRDS’ Drums & Ammo “Vol.1″ and “Vol.1: Extra Clip” then you’ll thoroughly like this video collection. Salute 6Fingers, Al Jieh, Ammbush & REL.


DON’T SLEEP: Drums & Ammo “Vol. 1: Extra Clip” [FREE PROJECT]

SWTBRDS “Drums & Ammo Vol. 1″ was such a popular release that Drums & Ammo dropped a new jawn featuring the bars of Bambu, DaVinci, Top Kat, C Plus, Rae Rosero & Ammbush (he produces, too). Don’t sleep on Drums & Ammo “Vol. 1: Extra Clip” and stay tuned for all the videos about to drop soon…


DON’T SLEEP: Drums & Ammo f/Rae Rosero & DaVinci “Addicted” (prod. by Al Jieh) & “Keep It Lit” (prod. by Ammbush) [SINGLES]

Drums & Ammo will drop their new EP “Vol. 1: Extra Clips” on July 23rd, 2011 which will feature videos and vocals based on their previous SWTBRDS instrumental release Drums & Ammo “Vol. 1″. Both singles are just below, “Addicted” & “Keep It Lit”. I can’t wait for next month to hear/see the finished product. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: REL x J.Billion “MVMNT Instrumentals” (prod. by REL) [FREE INSTRUMENTAL PROJECT]

REL x J.Billion’s excellent “MVMNT” project that dropped back 10 days ago has some ridiculous instrumentals crafted by REL of Drums & Ammo. You can download them from Producers I Know thanks to REL & the crew over @ SWTBRDS. Salute to Drums & Ammo (REL, 6 Fingers, Al Jieh & Ammbush) & Jonathan Kim.  Enjoy this goodness right chea:

REL x J.Billion “MVMNT Instrumentals” (prod. by REL) [MEDIAFIRE LINK]

REL x J.Billion “MVMNT Instrumentals” (prod. by REL) [DIVSHARE LINK]


DON’T SLEEP: Drums & Ammo f/C-Plus “Go In” (prod. by REL) & DaVinci “Round Me” (prod. by Al Jieh) [VIDEOS]

These are all derived from instrumentals off SWTBRDS “Drums & Ammo Vol. 1″ instrumental project which will have an EP where emcees spit over corresponding tracks. That’s what’s up! Here is the first video my dumb ass slept on alongside the newest jawn that just dropped today (which brings the current total to four as of the writing of this post). Be on the lookout for the SWTBRDS Drums & Ammo EP that will tie in the songs and videos next month. Enjoy:



REL of SWTBRDS Drums & Ammo production team provides the sonic backdrop for Bay Area emcee J Billion to paint with bars. The finished product is impressive to say the least. “MVMNT” features guest appearances from Tha Jacka, Enoch & 1 O.A.K. that just further make it hard to believe that this project is available for free. The production is bananas. The bars are up to par. This jawn sounds better than these major label album that keep stinking up my Gmail inbox. REL x J Billion “MVMT”. Salute.


DON’T SLEEP: Drums & Ammo f/Bambu “U Funnystyle” (prod. by 6Fingers)

Here’s a video of Bambu spitting over track #12 off of the free SWTBRDS “Drums & Ammo Vol. 1″ instrumental project “U Funnystyle” produced by 6Fingers. If you slept on it then just click the link, homie. I got you. Salute to Ammbush, 6Fingers, Al Jieh & REL.


DON’T SLEEP: Rocky Rivera f/Raka Dun “Girl Like Me” (prod. by 6Fingers) [VIDEO]

Last year, Rocky Rivera dropped her debut “Rocky Rivera LP” and this is the long awaited video for one of my favorite jawns from it, “Girl Like Me”. The song is produced by 6Fingers and features Raka Dun of Los Rakas. The visuals are courtesy of Erica Eng and the video features quite a few familiar faces. It’s just below:



SWTBRDS “Drums & Ammo Vol. 1″ is a collection of beats made by a team of producers I’m very familiar with, 6Fingers, Ammbush, Al Jieh & Rel. If you need to familiarize yourself with these cats then get to streaming and downloading right goddamn now. Don’t sleep on their future efforts, either.



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