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DON’T SLEEP: The Find x Hexsagon “Dave Brubeck Beat Tape” [BEAT TAPE]


The Find Magazine teamed up with Hexsagon to create a beat tape dedicated to the late Dave Brubeck. Don’t sleep on Hexsagon’s “Dave Brubeck Beat Tape”…


DON’T SLEEP: Ta-Ku “Cutting With Textures (Ode To Chet Faker)” [BEAT TAPE]

Ta-Ku x Chet Faker = “Cutting With Textures”. Get thee to The Find Mag stat…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x Bhonstro “Champuru” [MIX]

Bhonstro got down with the good people @ The Find Mag to create this great mix called “Champuru”. You need this in your lives. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find x K-Murdock “Beats From The East” [BEAT TAPE]

The Find Magazine teamed up with K-Murdock of Neosonic Productions to make a beat tape called “Beats From The East”. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find x DJ Soko (of The Left) “Heaters” [MIX]

The homie DJ Soko did a mix called “Heaters” for the good people over @ The Find Magazine a while back and I’m finally posting it up here. Don’t sleep on it. THE HIATUS IS OVER!


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x Brous One “Never Outdated” [MIX]

Chilean beatmaker and A.U.D.D.A./MPMCGN affiliate Brous One did a mix for the peoples over @ The Find Mag for the summer to promote his album “Un Momento En El Tiempo”. Go over to Mixcloud right now and don’t sleep on “Never Outdated”


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x 100 Akres x Kaligraph E “Done Good EP” [BEAT TAPE]

You’ve heard the snippet mix now hear the entire project from beginning to end and cop the limited edition cassette tape of The Find Mag’s Kaligraph E “Done Good EP” from the good people @ 100 Akres as well. Whatever you do? Just don’t sleep because there are only 30 tapes available and there won’t be any reprints…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x DJ Soko “Stand Up” [MIX]

The homie DJ Soko of The Left teamed up with The Find Mag to make the 40 mix of new standout Hip Hop named after his 12″ single “Stand Up”. “Stand Up” consists of tracks by and featuring Houseshoes, Guilty Simpson, Apollo Brown, Hassaan Mackey, Kaimbr, The Purist, Sean Born, Gensu Dean, Rashid Hadee, Show & AG, Slaughterhouse and more. Go directly to Mixcloud to hear “Stand Up” since Mixcloud won’t embed on PIK. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x 100 Akres x Kaligraph E “DONE GOOD EP Preview Mix” [MIX]

On June 26th, Australian producer/beatmaker Kaligraph E will drop a 9 slap beat tape on Bandcamp (via The Find Mag) and alsorelease it as a limited cassette tape (via 100 Akres). Here’s a 3 minute mix highlighting all 9 tracks (the last being a remix from Vanilla). Be on the lookout for the “DONE GOOD EP” in only 12 (or 11) more days. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x Shag “Contrast” [MIX]

Team PIK member Shag just came off of his Cult Classic Records release and now he and The Find Mag teamed up to drop this fire ass mix called “Contrast” featuring selections from Afta-1, J Dilla, Ta-Ku, Blu & Edan, DIBIA$E, Danny Brown and Yesterday’s New Quintent amonst others. One day I’ll figure out why Mixcloud won’t embed on my site. One day. Until then? Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x Bugseed “In Bloom” [MIX]

The Find Mag uploaded an incredible beats/instrumental mix to Mixcloud from Japanese beatmaker/producer Bugseed this morning called “In Bloom”. It features slaps and compositions from AbJo, Letherette, Lone, TightMike, Emtre, Damage Is Done, Stephen Farris and more. Go to Mixcloud to hear Bugseed’s “In Bloom” since for reasons I’ve yet to determine as of yet Mixcloud refuses to embed on PIK. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Magazine x IV The Polymath “Winter Instro Mix (2012)” [MIX]

The Find Magazine¬† x IV The Polymath released the “Winter Instro Mix (2012)” featuring production from Kev Brown, Noel Zancanella, Beat-Maker-Beat, Dakta, K-Def, Freddie Joachim, Man Mantis & even IV The Polymath. You can download and stream it here. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Trebles & Blues “Eighth Notes: The Footnotes (Episodes 1 & 2)” [BEAT VIDEOS]

Trebles & Blues is doing a new bi-weekly breakdown of the slaps included on his mix/beat tape “Eighth Notes” which dropped about 3 months ago. He dissects two beats an episode so enjoy watching him show you how he made four of his slaps as he chills in Korea. Don’t sleep!



Shag’s done a lot since I put him down with Team PIK back in the Summer. He released several beat tapes, instrumental projects and mixes. He moved out and began college. He somehow got even better as a beatmaker and a producer in a relatively short amount of time. Here is his latest effort with an assist from the good people over @ The Find Magazine. Shag’s “Keys” is an amazing testament to his growth. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Mag x The Soul Dojo present Trebles & Blues “Eighth Notes” (Mixed by DJ Phatrick) [MIX]

The Find Magazine & The Soul Dojo teamed together with respected DJ Phatrick to present a mix of Trebles & Blues material to the good little beat fanatics worldwide. You can go here to peep the Mixcloud and direct Mediafire link. I would’ve embedded the Mixcloud player here but I have to switch to HTML beforehand and I just didn’t feel like it. This 27 minute mix is the shit, bro. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Memorecks “Downtime” [BEAT TAPE]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the Canadian beatmaker Memorecks or his insane beat videos I’ve featured on Producers I Know then you’d know he’s a monster of the beat scene and live performance circuit. He recently dropped a 19 blap instrumental poject called “Downtime” via Bankrush Records that you can download for free.99. Get thee to The Find Magazine and download it right now. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: King Of The Beats (Parts 1 & 2) (dir. by Pritt Kalsi) [DOCUMENTARY]

In the UK there’s a beat challenge that’s been taking place for years called King Of The Beats put on by a number of UK Hip Hop legends that I grew up admiring¬† and listening to from across the pond. Pritt Kalsi has made a 2 hour plus documentary explaining the formation and evolution into the present day King Of The Beats challenge and the documentation of the July 16th beat battle between young UK beatmakers/producers Agor, Hi Soul & First Hand.

Do you want to see the Hip Hop still lives? Do you want to know who took the crate? Do you want to see a plethora of US & UK Hip Hop legends? Do you want to spend two hours watching cats talk records, beats and the aesthetics of crate digging, Hip Hop production and it’s culture? Then get yourself to The Find Magazine and watch the whole “King Of Beats” documentary directed by Pritt Kalsi right now. This jawn made my morning. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Magazine x Budamunk “Far Weast” [MIX]

Over at The Find Magazine they have an exclusive mix from Japanese producer/beatmaker Budamunk (Jazzy Sport) featuring his production and vocal contributions from Los Angeles talent (hence the title “Far Weast”) including his crew Soul Jugglerz. You can go hear The Find Magazine x Budamunk’s exclusive mix called “Far Weast” by going HERE. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: The Find Magazine x IV The Polymath “Summer Instro Mix (2011)” [MIX]

Get your asses on over to The Find Magazine & download this instrumental mix compiled by IV The Polymath. It also features an exclusive K-Def slap from my people @ Redefinition Records as well as Damu The Fudgemunk, Daimyo, TeV95, magOwl & even IV The Polymath himself. Check it out here. Don’t sleep!



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