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DON’T SLEEP: DJ Houseshoes x Paul White “Rapping With Paul White: The Mixtape” [MIX]

Raw 30 minute mix of Paul White slaps selected & mixed by the homie DJ Houseshoes. Look out for the upcoming Paul White “Rapping With Paul White” LP dropping August 22nd, 2011 via One Handed Music. Pre-order it here and don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Crown Royale (Buff1 x DJ Rhettmatic) f/Eric Bobo “Say What” (prod. by DJ Rhettmatic) [VIDEO]

Here’s the new video for Buff1 (Jamall Bufford) and DJ Rhettmatic jawn “Say What” featuring Eric Bobo, the percussionist for Cypress Hill off the recent A Side Worldwide/Fat Beats “Crown Royale” LP. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Dennis Coffey Re-Worked “Outer Galaxies” [REMIX PROJECT]

This free remix EP involving one of the greatest and most sampled guitarists ever just dropped recently featuring the talents of 14KT, Dabrye, Astronote, Nick Speed, Shigeto, Mayer Hawtorne, Magestik Legend and others alongside the genius of Dennis Coffey. You need this in your lives so just go here and thank me later. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Astronote “The Raw Tape” [BEAT TAPE]

Producer/beatmaker extraordinaire Astronote has been making heat for years now. He dropped “Weapon Of The Future” less than a month ago and now he’s back with a 21 track opus that makes me wanna track down a grizzly bear in the woods and put it into a kimura until it taps out while rockin’ UFC gear. This shit is raw like sushi. Genuine like Gucci. No Antonio Hardy tho…

I want you all to download this. Listen to it. Feel it. Salute Astronote, DJ Graffiti, Jeff, Stephanie, MOSologist & everyone over @ A Side Worldwide.

Astronote “The Raw Tape” (prod. by Astronote) [MEDIAFIRE DIRECT LINK]


DON’T SLEEP: The Black Opera “Legendary Scrolls” [VIDEO]

This song will begin the kick that will wake you from your dream within a dream within yet another dream. WAKE UP. DON’T SLEEP.


DON’T SLEEP: The Black Opera “Overture” [NEW ALBUM]

I can’t tell you who they are. I can’t tell you what they are. Well, that’s a lie. They are us. And we are they. They are The Black Opera. THE BLACK OPERA IS HERE. DON’T READ ANY FURTHER. DON’T LISTEN TO ME. DON’T GO HERE. DON’T WATCH THIS. DON’T SLEEP.


DON’T SLEEP: eLZhi x ADaD “Verbal Intercourse 2.2” (prod. by 14KT) [SINGLE]

eLZhi. ADaD. 14KT. Another “ELmatic” refix. LISTEN! © Rafael De La Ghetto


DON’T SLEEP: 14KT “14KillaTape” [BEAT TAPE]

It’s finally here! 14KT’s legendary “14KillaTape” dropped today via 14KT & A Side Worldwide. The first mention of the 14KillaTape I ever saw was an interaction between Houseshoes & 14KT on Twitter last year. I had no clue what they were referring to until Houseshoes appeared on The Scrunchface Show w/ Jordan Rockswell back last November. He told me that I had to hear this new beat tape 14KT had called “The Killa Tape”. He RAVED about it, if you know anything about Shoes is this dude’s ear is infallible. I asked 14KT about it the next day on Twitter & he said “Hopefully it will be released to the public one day”. Cool.

In December 2010, we had Magestik Legend & Jamall Bufford (Buff1) on the show (the interview was lost due to a server crash caused by high viewership) and Buff1 couldn’t even put “The Killa Tape” into intelligible words which was all I needed to hear to know it was going to be equal to or iller than “Nowalataz” was. I hadn’t heard about the legendary “Killa Tape” until late May when KT began tweeting about it and various A Siders and inner circle cats began extolling it’s virtues. Then I heard it was dropping on June 7th. SAY WORD! © Redman

So here it is, 14 slaps made between 2008 and now beginning from when 14KT began competing on the beat battle circuit. Without any further ado, I present to the inhabitants of Earth, 14KT’s “14KillaTape”. Enjoy and salute everyone @ A Side Worldwide.

In KT’s own words:
“Straight up…this is that raw ish. Slaps. Face Twisters. Hard beats. All these joints were made in a span of 08’-11’. It all started when I first got into the Red Bull Beat Battle in Detroit end of 08’. I was never known as a beat battle type producer and believe it or not, I actually don’t like battling with beats. However, that was my first time ever battling with beats. Knowing I was battling, I definitely found myself in a different frame of mind when I sat down to make joints in the lab. While in the lab, my motivation was making beats that I would have HATED if my opponent played them against me. I took a collection of beats where I had that mind state and mixed them with other beats I made during that time period. I’m setting this Killer Tape off with the first joint I ever made in a beat battle mind state and the rest is history. I got a new nickname under my belt now, 14KillaTape…haha” – 14KT
14KT “14KillaTape” [MEDIAFIRE LINK]

DON’T SLEEP: Astronote “Weapon Of The Future” [FREE ALBUM]

Astronote‘s long awaited “Weapon Of The Future” album (NOT A MIXTAPE, Stephanie told me it was an album. It’s an album) is finally here. It’s produced entirely by Astronote with features from Jamal Bufford (Buff1), Trek Life, Magestik Legend, T. Calmese, Finale, Rasco, 4 Peace (Edo. G, Twice Thou, Wyatt Jackson & DQuest), Journalist 103 (The Left), Dynas, Stahrr & Tug McGraw. 17 tracks of raw. This ALBUM is indeed a weapon of the future. Salute to DJ Graffiti, MOSologist, Jeff Jeff, Stephanie & everyone down with A Side Worldwide.



DON’T SLEEP: T. Calmese “Toy Story (Clever)” & 4 Peace (Edo. G, Wyatt Jackson, Twice Thou & DQuest) “We Don’t Change” (prod. by Astronote) [SINGLES]

The next two singles from Astronote‘s “Weapon Of The Future” are T. Calmese’s “Toy Story (Clever)” & Boston’s 4 Peace (Edo. G, Wyatt Jackson, Twice Thou & DQuest “We Don’t Change”. The full project “Weapon Of The Future” drops May 31st. Be on the lookout for it. Salute to everyone over @ A Side Worldwide. Don’t sleep.

T. Calmese “Toy Story (Clever)” (prod. by Astronote) [MEDIAFIRE LINK]

4 Peace (Edo. G, Wyatt Jackson, Twice Thou & DQuest) “We Don’t Change” (prod. by Astronote) [MEDIAFIRE LINK]


DON’T SLEEP: Magestik Legend “Big Trouble In Little China” & Jamall Bufford (Buff1) “Stellar” (prod. by Astronote) [SINGLES]

Astronote has a new mixtape dropping soon called “Weapon Of The Future” and these two lead singles from said upcoming release feature Magestik Legend (“The Great Escape”) and Jamall Bufford (Buff1) (“Crown Royale” w/Rhettmatic). The two jawns in question are “Big Trouble In Little China” and “Stellar”. Both jams can be downloaded below. You can expect Astronote’s “Weapon Of The Future” to drop sometime between now and June. Salute to all the hard working people over at A Side Worldwide. They’re trying to WIN over there judging by the music I’m hearing…

Magestik Legend “Big Trouble In Little China” (prod. by Astronote) [DIVSHARE LINK]

Jamall Bufford (Buff1) “Stellar” (prod. by Astronote) [DIVSHARE LINK]


DON’T SLEEP: Damu The Fudgemunk f/Buff1 “Truly Get Yours” [SINGLE]

Damu The Fudgemunk & Buff1 combine on a 7″ including the jawns the previously released “When The Winter Comes” and the new single “Truly Get Yours”. To hear both jawns get yourself to Damu The Fudgemunk‘s Bandcamp page right now. A Side Worldwide x REDEFinition Records is a beautiful thing indeed.