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DON’T SLEEP: Foul Mouth “Soul Louis” [BEAT TAPE & VIDEO]


It’s finally here! Foul Mouth’s debut beat tape “Soul Louis” dropped back as it struck midnight ushering in June 20th and it has been a whirlwind of activity for the entire creative team behind it ever since. “Soul Louis” is a collection of 20 raw soul stirring beats that both celebrate and showcase the historical, cultural and musical contributions of Detroit, Michigan. All beats were produced by Foul Mouth. The project was co-executive produced by myself and Pat “313” Deegan and the art direction/graphic design was done by Cancer Ugly of EyesBleedDefiance. Not only did he bless the front & back covers of the project but he also shot & edited the video for the beat “Detroit Gospel” off “Soul Louis”. Stream “Soul Louis” below and check out the gorgeous video as well. Limited edition cassette tapes are forthcoming. Don’t sleep…



DON’T SLEEP: Foul Mouth “Fade Away” (prod. by Foul Mouth) [SINGLE]


This is the lead slap from the upcoming earth shattering new beat tape from Producers I Know x Foul Mouth “Soul Louis” dropping on June 20th, the first day of Summer. The beat is called “Fade Away” and there’s no chance of the name Foul Moth fading away from your memories after hearing this. “Soul Louis” will be 20 hard hitting soulful beats that will be well worth the wait. DON’T SLEEP!


DON’T SLEEP: Nolan The Ninja “lo-fi l∞ps.” [BEAT TAPE]

lo-fi l∞ps. (front).PNG

It’s finally here. This project has been in the works for quite a while and if you only knew all of the behind the scenes work that went into this beat tape you’d understand how great it is that it’s finally coming to fruition. The long wait is over, you can finally hear Nolan The Ninja’s 10 slap, 33 minute opus dedicated to the art of digging for records and making beats below. Please keep in mind that his is only the beginning. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Nolan The Ninja “dungeon.”, “sunset.” & “elation.” (prod. by Nolan The Ninja) [SINGLES & VIDEO]

lo-fi l∞ps. (front).PNG

Nolan The Ninja’s “lo-fi l∞ps.” beat tape will drop via Producers I Know on May 20th. For those of you unfamiliar with his production feel free to check out these two selections from his upcoming project titled “dungeon.” & “sunset.” below. Also go check out the beat video for his slap “elation.”. I can promise that when this jawn drops next week the wait will have been worth it. Don’t sleep…




DON’T SLEEP: Producers I Know presents The 80’s Beat Tape [BEAT TAPE]


This beat tape consists of the remains of project that was originally supposed to be released back in April 2013 but was ultimately scrapped. The original concept revolved around me incorporating 5 different genres of 80’s music that stood out to me during that particular time period, British Synth Pop, Freestyle (Latin Hip Hop), The Minneapolis Sound, New Jack Swing & Vocal House.

The original plan was for me to handpick producers who answered his call after pitching this idea on Twitter then based on their back catalogs assign them all the perfect source material to flip. The process was not only slow going but most of the producers were either not feeling the particular sample sources I specifically picked for them or they were simply too busy to flip/chop/make the beat in an adequate amount of time. The original hope was to have 5 beats from 5 genres of 80’s music (25 beats total) from 10-15 producers then drop the 80’s Beat Tape in April or May. By late March 2013 only 10 beats total were submitted. They were put into a folder on my desktop, I scrapped the project & I chalked it up to a learning experience.

As the 5th anniversary of Producers I Know approached, I decide to give the beats in this folder another listen. It hit me that I needed to finally drop these gems sent to me by AbJo, DaiN, Dayggs, Dertbeats, Duke Westlake, G-Force, Ill Clinton, M-Slago, Maticulous & Trifeckta. So, here it is… The 80’s Beat Tape! Happy 5th anniversary, Producers I Know!


STAY WOKE: Rob Viktum “Proper Etiquette” [BEAT TAPE]


The homie Rob Viktum is back at it with another raw beat tape titled “Proper Etiquette” full of nothing but unadulterated filth flarn filth. Keep the change, you filthy animals!


STAY WOKE: Sky High Fly Guys “Live…Before You Die” [NEW PROJECT]


This is the new project via Producers I Know from Brockton, MA outfit Sky High Fly Guys. The entire project was produced by D-Man (producer of the extremely popular Cuffing Season Trilogy on PIK & iStandard Boston Beat Battle runner up) which follows the life cycle of an inner city resident from his adolescence through adulthood to death and then his acceptance of his transition, coming to terms with it then his subsequent ascension to Heaven. It’s formatted like a vinyl LP or a cassette tape with a side A & B. This album is influenced by both the past & present of Rap music but with an eye on the future. Enjoy. Expect Greatness. Live…Before You Die.


DON’T SLEEP: Count Bass D “Real Music Vs. BULL$#!+ Pt.2” (prod. by Count Bass D) [PIK EXCLUSIVE]


“Real Music Vs. BULL$#!+ Pt.2” is a PIK exclusive bonus track from the upcoming re-release of Count Bass D’s 2002 classic sophomore LP “Dwight Spitz”. If you missed it the first time around then do yourselves a favor and discover (or re-discover) it. Ultimately we’ve all been thrust into this ugly war between real music & bull$#!+. What side are you on? Happy born day to the homie Count Bass D. He was born two weeks after Hip-Hop was right in New York. How fitting…


DON’T SLEEP: Twin Towers (Fatt Father x Marv Won) f/Quelle Chris “Regulatin'” (prod. by Quelle Chris) [SINGLE]


Fresh off the success of their latest solo efforts, “Heavy Is The Head…” (www.marvwonder.bandcamp.com) & “FatherHood” (www.fattfather.com), Fat Killahz members Marv Won & Fatt Father team up to bring you their collaborative effort as the TWIN TOWERS! The pair team up with Detroit mainstay & Mello Music Group’s, Quelle Chris (Crown Nation) to bring you the first song off of the album (plus well deserved Nate Dogg tribute song) “Regulatin” (prod. by Quelle Chris). Be on the look out for “sptmbr tnth”. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Jomac “HereGoes” [BEAT TAPE]


Jomac of Team PIK dropped a beat tape on Hip-Hop’s birthday (August 11th) called “HereGoes”. Stop sleepin’…





Team PIK member Shag recently dropped a dope ass beat tape titled “NULL”. You need this in your lives because I said you do….


DON’T SLEEP: Pete Cannon “90’s Beats (Band Of Gold)” [BEAT TAPE]


Team PIK member & producer extraordinaire dropped “90’s Beats (Band Of Gold)” at the top of August. Enjoy it beatheads. If you’re seeking production then contact this guy. Also, I’m only post PIK related shit on here from now on so while I appreciate all the submission emails unless we’re doing a project together you sent that jawn for me to listen to it. Just sayin’…


DON’T SLEEP: Homeboy Sandman x M Slago “All That I Hold Dear” [NEW ALBUM]


This 7 song EP comes courtesy of Homeboy Sandman (The Good Sun, First Of A Living Breed & Kool Herc: Fertile Crescent) & Team PIK producer M Slago (Rampage EP, Attack The Wack, Let Me Holla At Ya, Let Me Holla At Ya Too & Negro Please) who he worked with previous to his signing to Stones Throw. Homeboy Sandman had recorded quite a few tracks over M Slago’s production over the years but he hadn’t released any of them as he maintained his prolific release schedule. This August Homeboy Sandman and M Slago’s collaborations led to the Stones Throw digital release of All That I Hold Dear.

All That I Hold Dear features guest appearances from MED & Gab Goblin and Homeboy Sandman and M Slago’s production perfectly compliment each other. All That I Hold Dear can be copped in digital form from iTunes (for only $3.99) and Amazon.  It can also be purchased directly from Stones Throw. The song “Runts” dedicated to his niece & nephew & Slago’s son is a favorite of mine. Physical copies of All That I Hold Dear will be available on September 9th, 2013. Don’t sleep on it!


DON’T SLEEP: Homeboy Sandman f/YC The Cynic & I Am Many “Easy Does It” (prod. by M Slago) [SINGLE]


Way back in 2011 I met Homeboy Sandman in Brooklyn & he told me he had more work with M Slago coming soon. A couple of months ago I was talking to M Slago about his Negro Smiling “Negro Please EP” & his “Let Me Holla At Ya Too” PIK release when he informed me that Stones Throw would be releasing an EP of Homeboy Sandman material produced entirely by him called “All That I Hold Dear”. The release date and details are all forthcoming but here’s a single from Homeboy Sandman featuring YC The Cynic & I Am Many produced by M Slago titled “Easy Does It” that’s not on the aforementioned project. Salute to Skye of Skyyhook Radio for the heads up. Don’t sleep!




The homie Jay Large hath returned with a video (Courtesy of Low Profile Media) showcasing the talents and metahuman production abilities of Team PIK member Pete Cannon. You can watch it below and look out for some newness from Pete Cannon in the near future. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: A.M. Architect “Pattern Language” [BEAT TAPE]


Boston based production duo A.M. Architect released this instrumental project “Pattern Language” via Canadian superlabel URBNET. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Eddie Moore & The Outer Circle “The Freedom Of Expression” [NEW PROJECT]


The copy on the Rappers I Know Bandcamp reads as follows in regards to this particular project:

“The Outer Circle investigates modern influences with those of tradition. Saturated with color, the melodies are lyrics that share my life experiences with the listener. I enjoy using mixed meter in composition to introduce twist and turns to the canvas creating a different mood with every piece that allows the soloist the upmost freedom with line and idea. With original compositions like “Houston Visions” and “Anger Management” this group blends that of the American Idiom with Freedom of Expression.”

Album design/cover art by FWMJ (Frank William Miller Jr.)


DON’T SLEEP: Slot-A “The Transition” [NEW PROJECT]


Slot-A is known by most a one of the best producers around. “The Transition” chronicles Slot-A becoming more than a producer but an artist as well. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Vandalyzm “B*tch I’m’Mis Talented 2” [NEW PROJECT]


Vandalyzm’s “B*tch I’m’Mis Talented 2”, mixed by DJ Reminise dropped not too long ago. It features 18 total jawns and you can download it from here. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Dave Redi “Monologic” [NEW PROJECT]


Super Nice Music Group’s Dave Redi dropped a new project over some ill beats called “Monologic”. Don’t sleep on it…




The Purist dropped a new project called “TR-ILL EP” featuring Danny Brown, Sean Price, Havoc & Big Twins amongst others in addition to some instrumentals. Don’t sleep on it…




LunchTime Legends outta Portland dropped this  “BLACK + GOLD” beat tape about three weeks ago. You should really rock with it…




This beat tape has been in my queue for a full week now. DAMB…




“EARWAX ZIPTAPE TWO” features Duke Westlake, Potatohead People, Vimana Aircraft, Aly, Supa83, Phedee and many more. Don’t sleep on it…