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DON’T SLEEP: A.M. Architect “Pattern Language” [BEAT TAPE]


Boston based production duo A.M. Architect released this instrumental project “Pattern Language” via Canadian superlabel URBNET. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Elaquent “Parallel EP” [BEAT TAPE]


The homie Elaquent has released a dope ass EP via the Canadian label URBNET called “Parallel EP”. Don’t sleep on it or else you’ll end up looking like a humongous fuckboy/fuckgirl/fuckperson…


DON’T SLEEP: Moka Only “Airport 6” [NEW PROJECT]

The homie Moka Only dropped his new album “Airport 6” from Canadian label URBNET. It’s the Moka Only we know and love over 12 dope tracks. After 50 albums he still manages to make excellent music. Salute this man. Don’t sleep on him…