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DON’T SLEEP: Count Bass D “Real Music Vs. BULL$#!+ Pt.2” (prod. by Count Bass D) [PIK EXCLUSIVE]


“Real Music Vs. BULL$#!+ Pt.2” is a PIK exclusive bonus track from the upcoming re-release of Count Bass D’s 2002 classic sophomore LP “Dwight Spitz”. If you missed it the first time around then do yourselves a favor and discover (or re-discover) it. Ultimately we’ve all been thrust into this ugly war between real music & bull$#!+. What side are you on? Happy born day to the homie Count Bass D. He was born two weeks after Hip-Hop was right in New York. How fitting…


DON’T SLEEP: Black Spade x Nato Caliph “Force Majeure EP” [NEW PROJECT]


F5 Records just dropped Black Spade & Nato Caliph’s “Force Majeure EP” on limited run cassette tape. You can cop the project for $7 before stock runs out (and it will). I’ve heard it and it ain’t to be slept on…


DON’T SLEEP: Crew 932 x Capo “The Native Ruff Beat Tape” [BEAT TAPE]

Crew 932 kicks off their new series of beat tapes with St. Louis’ own Capo who has an impressive resume that includes Sadat X, Percee P and local legend Black Spade (whose latest album on F5 Records “The Sweetest Revenge” is being slept on hard right now). This beat tape clocks in at just under 23 minutes and it’s raw. Just like Ol’ Dirty Bastard liked it. Don’t sleep…