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DON’T SLEEP: Nameless “16 Bit: Bonus Stages” [NEW ALBUM]

Nameless became a quick favorite with us over at Bloggerhouse and he also became a mainstay on The Scrunchface Show due to his projects “16-Bit” & “Be[ats] Original Vol. 2”. Selections from those two releases dominated our weekly tracklistings before Hypedog dropped the amazing “The Best Of Nameless” compilation on the masses. When Nameless made his appearance @ the Detroit Red Bull Big Tune competition and announced that he’d be making “16-Bit: Bonus Stages” anticipation was Wiz Khalifa @ 9 AM high. Now that I’ve heard it I can say that it met all my expectations and exceeded them. The sleeper must awaken. Get you some:

Nameless “16-Bit: Bonus Stages”


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