I Know Producers I Know Beats


St/MiC is a highly respected DMV (Washington D.C./Maryland/Virginia) area jack of all trades with a tremendous work ethic and a worldwide reputation. He’s a well renowned multi instrumentalist, DJ, remixer, producer, sound engineer and emcee with a fanbase that stretches from Onancock, VA to Okinawa, Japan. He’s also one of the most selfless guys I know. I can give firsthand testimony to the many times he’s saved our sorry asses by being the technical side and the co-host of Bloggerhouse presents The Scrunchface Show.

His discography includes highly acclaimed releases such as “On My Days Off”, “Life’s Work”, “Honest Music” and “Sleeping” in addition to his lyrical and production contributions to several other projects. This particular LP “Solar March”, is an aesthetically pleasing instrumental opus in the vein of previous works from St/MiC or his work with Tha Connection or Jazz Addixx.

The blend of classical Soul music and Jazz elements in St/MiC’s production creates a final product that will appease not only the casual instrumental music fan, but the dyed in the wool Hip Hop head equally. All it takes is to hear smooth selections such as “No, Really, Listen”, “All In One”, “Rain Dance”, “Combinations”, the driving “ComboTime” or title track “Solar March” to realize this one of St/MiC’s best instrumental offerings to date.

St/MiC’s new instrumental LP “Solar March” is now available for purchase via Digi Crates Records and can be found on iTunes, Amazon, eMusic, Juno, Beatport, Napster and several other digital music marketplaces worldwide. Don’t sleep…


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