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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #43 f/ Dibia$e (5.13.2011) [FULL TRACKLISTING & D/L LINKS]

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #43: The Dibia$e Edition (5.13.2011) Tracklisting *

Dibiase “Mario Galaxy” off “Up The Joystick EP” [Amazon/iTunes]

Dibiase “I Pity The Fool” off “L.A. Series #1 10x10x1” [All City/Amazon/iTunes/Boomkat/Rush Hour]

Dibiase “Lumberjack” off “Machines Hate Me” [Alpha Pup/Amazon/iTunes]

Dibiase “Neighborhood Watch” off “Machines Hate Me” [Alpha Pup/Amazon/iTunes]

Dibiase “Cosigning” off “Sound Palace” [Fat Beats]

P.U.D.G.E. f/Core Rhythm & Eagle Nebula “NeoPolyTan” off “U Rap!!! I Didn’t Know!!” [Bandcamp]

eLZhi x Will Sessions “Memory Lane” off “elMATIC” [XXL/eLZhi.com]

Edo G “Fast Lane” off “A Face In The Crowd” [Traffic/Amazon/iTunes/UGHH]

Denmark Vessey x Lek Lansky “Back For More” off “I’d Rather Be Making Muzik EP” [Crown-Nation.com]

Jamall Bufford (Buff1) f/Moe Dirdee “We Know” [A Side Worldwide/Internet]

Peace Of Mind f/Moe Dirdee, Ketchphraze & Kid Vishis “Diamonds” [Producers I Know/Bloggerhouse]

Tyler The Creator “Yonkers” off “Goblin” [XL/Amazon/iTunes]

NAMELESS “Mars + Saturn + Jupiter” off “Dusty Pads EP” [Bandcamp]

Aspect One “Keep It Raw” off “RANDOM: Beats from the MPC 03-07” [Bandcamp]

Wizard “All That I Want” off “Chill Pill 2” [Bandcamp]

Eric Lau “Low On The Treble” off  “Quadrivium” [Kilawatt/Amazon/iTunes]

fLako “The Wrong Guy” off “The Mesketet” [Project Mooncircle/Amazon/iTunes]

ST/MiC “Solar March” off “Solar March” [Digi Crates/Amazon/iTunes]

Doc Battle “Toad Style” off “KiLL’N” [Bandcamp]

Ta-Ku “Nine To Five” off “Day & Night EP” [Bandcamp]

Ta-Ku “Lesser Foes” off “24” [Bandcamp]

Infamous Reptar “Sanchez Way” off “1UP” [Producers I Know/Bloggerhouse]

Xperiment “Bouillon Blast” off “Precipitation: The Soundcloud Collection” [Internet]

Shag “Separation” [EXCLUSIVE]

Shag  “Together” [EXCLUSIVE]

D-Man “An Ode To Backyards That Speak With Thunder” off the upcoming PIK/BH LP “Son, I Had Crazy Visions!…” [EXCLUSIVE & THE CLOSER] *Drops June 1st

*All exclusives come courtesy of my hard drives & the artists themselves*

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