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DON’T SLEEP: Digi Crates Records presents “Beats & Bullets: A Soundtrack To A Shootout” [INSTRUMENTAL PROJECT]

Yesterday was so chaotic with all of the new releases that this one almost might have slipped right through the cracks. Digi Crates Records dropped an instrumental project featuring several ill producers such as Roc Marciano, Kyo Itachi, Miedlev, King AL, Mok Vurban, Tape-Roc & DJ Kryptonite. The album concept is that each beat is composed so that they’d be theme music to a cinematic shootout. It’s bananas! You can cop it from iTunes or at local worldwide spot (I’m in Boston) UGHH. Don’t sleep on this one, people! An example of why you shouldn’t has been conveniently provided below:


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