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DON’T SLEEP: Budamunk “Smoke Deep EP” [BEAT TAPE]

Budamunk is one in a LONG line of my all time favorite Japanese Hip Hop producers. I started getting heavy into Japanese producers back in the old Buddha Brand days. That led me to DJ Krush, DJ Honda, DJ Kou-G AKA Grooveman Spot, DJ Mitsu The Beats, DJ Muro, Nujabes, Nomak, Michita, DJ Taku (M-Flo), Inori, Mabanua, Uyama Hiroto, DJ Deckstream, Bugseed, Kyo Itachi, Shingo Suzuki & of course Budamunk. I still play my vinyl rips of Budamunky “Mokstrumentals Vol. 1 & 2” so to see he dropped a beat tape on Bandcamp bugged me out. Go listen to & download Budamunk’s “Smoke Deep EP” and DON’T SLEEP ON JAPAN.


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