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DON’T SLEEP: D-Man “Son, I Had Crazy Visions!: A Guide To Rockin’ N*ggas This Summer” [INSTRUMENTAL ALBUM]

After the departure of Jeeks from Producers I Know, I knew I should look for more producers to add to the squad. I wondered how I should reach out to first among the wide pool of available candidates and the first name I thought of was the young emcee/producer D-Man from nearby Brockton, MA that broke the record for most closers on The Scrunchface Show.

When I told D-Man I wanted him to send me tracks to upload to Producers I Know for his profile he sent me more than 30 WAV’s in 6 different folders. I listened to all of them and I heard something in 15 of them that made me put them in a separate folder. The rest became what was featured on his D-Man Files Producers I Know Bandcamp page.

Shortly after seeing and hearing his new PIK page, Danny told me that he wanted to make an instrumental project/beat tape soon. I told him that I already HEARD one in the remaining beats he originally sent me. We brainstormed and decided to go with a summer theme, I immediately went back through the beats and I sequenced them so that they told the story of a typical summer day in Brockton, MA. After about 2 days, I’d come of with a good sequence & I presented it to Danny. He made some suggestions so I changed some things around and resent it to him…

Danny thought about the theme and the title and told me that the project needed a proper opener. He’d been working on a flip that just screamed “Summer” that was giving him some difficulty but it would make the perfect opener. D-Man spent all night perfecting a beat that ended up being the leadoff track “I’mma Rock N*ggas This Summer”. The 16 tracks were re-ordered and it was done. Now you all get to hear the official soundtrack to beginning of the summer season. Go listen to & download D-Man’s “Son, I Had Crazy Visions: A Guide To Rockin’ N*ggas This Summer” courtesy of Producers I Know and Bloggerhouse. Enjoy.


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