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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #45: The Brutal Music Edition f/Stu Bangas & Vanderslice [6.21.2011] Full Tracklist & D/L Links [LIVE RADIO SHOW]

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #45: The Brutal Music Edition (6.21.2011) Tracklisting

Bumpy Knuckles x Statik Selektah f/NORE “Lyrical Workout” off “Lyrical Workout” [ShowOff/Krupt Mob]

Wrecking Crew (Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro) f/Elucid “The Boxcutter Went” off the upcoming LP “Wu Tang Pulp”

Danny Brown “Blunt After Blunt” [INTERNET]

Naeem Oba “Stomp” off the upcoming EP “Minneapolis Joe” [Producers I Know]

Nametag “Break Even” off of “Classic Cadence: End Credits” [INTERNET]

Sparkzie “Ride Out” [EXCLUSIVE]

Blaq Poet x Brutal Music f/Vinnie Paz & Lateb “Bushmaster Music” off “Blaq Poet Society” [Brick/Amazon/iTunes/UGHH]

Blaq Poet x Brutal Music “Mortuary Music” off “Blaq Poet Society” [Brick/Amazon/iTunes/UGHH]

Ketchphraze “Keep On Steppin’” [Producers I Know]

Grussle f/Tef Wesley “Wait 1 Minute” off “The Breakup” [Inner Loop Records/Bandcamp]

Roc Marciano “M.V.G. (Most Valuable Gunman)” off “Beats & Bullets: Soundtrack To A Shootout” [DigiCrates/Amazon/iTunes]

Midnight EEz “Digging In The Crates” off “The Midnight EEz” (All City/Amazon/iTunes)

Midnight EEz “Childhood Memories” off “The Midnight EEz” (All City/Amazon/iTunes)

Grussle “Make Sure Of It” off “The Breakup” [Inner Loop Records/Bandcamp]

Willie Evans Jr. “FemmeEwoks” off “Billy Lotion” [Giant Step/Producers I Know]

Leon “U” off “The Unseen Side Of The Moon” [Producers I Know]

Vanilla “Way We Were” off “High Life” [Bandcamp]

Vanilla “C’mon” off “High Life” [Bandcamp]

14KT “Rock A Bye Baby” off “14KillaTape” [A Side Worldwide/iTunes]

14KT “The Abominable Snowman [One For Houseshoes]” off “14KillaTape” [A Side Worldwide/iTunes]

D-Man “Shorty, Lemme Holler At Ya!” off “Son I Had Crazy Visions!: A Guide To Rockin’ N*ggas This Summer” [Producers I Know/Bloggerhouse]

M Slago “Angela Davis” off “M Slago Files” [Producers I Know/Bandcamp]

Dockmini “Gabalpha” off “June 2011 Beat Batch” [Producers I Know]

Dockmini “Organdonor” off “June 2011 Beat Batch” [Producers I Know]

D-Man x G Way “Sky High Fly Guys” [EXCLUSIVE/Producers I Know]

The Black Opera “Sleep Tight” off “Overture” [A Side Worldwide/iTunes] [THE CLOSER]

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