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DON’T SLEEP: Paul White “Rapping With Paul White” [NEW UPCOMING ALBUM]

Paul White (“The Strange Dreams Of Paul White”, “Sounds  From The Skylight” & “Paul White & The Purple Brain”) has remained a consistent figure over the past 4 years. Whether it was his vinyl singles or his full length releases everything has been a heat rock. From the off kilter, bugged out compositions to his rawest slaps (i.e. “The Punch Drummer”) Paul White has run the gauntlet. After hearing the Guilty Simpson collaboration “Ancient Treasure” a while back, I often wondered what an entire album of vocalists over Paul White beats would sound like. I don’t need to wonder anymore…

“Rapping With Paul White” is a full length project featuring bars and vocals from Guilty Simpson, Marv Won, Danny Brown, Moe Pope, Homeboy Sandman, Jehst, Tranqill & Nancy Elizabeth. Go here to listen to the lead single, “Trust” featuring Guilty Simpson and cop “Rapping With Paul White” when it drops August 23rd, 2011 on One Handed Music. Salute Alex Chase.


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  1. Salute!

    July 8, 2011 at 7:04 AM

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