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DON’T SLEEP: Paten Locke “Knock ‘Em Out The Box” [BEAT TAPE]

The homie Paten Locke (of Asamov/Alias Bros./AB’s, The Smile Rays & Dumbtron) has been on tour with Edan and he sent me this beat tape months back. We were actually discussing releasing it through Producers I Know recently and I’d sponsor it. He decided to post it up on Bandcamp instead which was cool but homie didn’t tell me when he did. So here my dumb ass is just now discovering it after it’s been up for two weeks. Don’t be like me. Don’t sleep on “Knock ‘Em Out The Box”. Also, look out P. Locke’s upcoming LP on Tres Records (“Super Ramen Rocketship” is still in the rotation on my iPod Touch) as well as the Dumbtron project to hit High Water Music later on…


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