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DON’T SLEEP: Sir Froderick “Chasing Amy” (prod. by Sir Froderick) [INSTRUMENTAL]

I was an Amy Winehouse fan going back to Winter 2003 when this chick I knew from the UK came into my job asking me if I’d ever heard of her. I said “No” & she showed me the album cover for “Frank”. I hit the internet & found the album and needless to say it racked up plays on my iTunes like crazy. Her voice was bananas. Then I  REALLY saw what she looked like when YouTube went up in 2005. DAYUM! The Amy Winehouse I remember isn’t the same one most fans do. Most Americans didn’t hear “Frank” until they heard “Back To Black” after “Rehab” became a hit…

In any event. I got a text that she had passed today and it fucked me up as I was one the those American bloggers that bigged her music up. My boy Sir Froderick told me he’d done a beat using her voice recently called “Chasing Amy” & he was gonna upload it to Soundcloud. Here it is. Rest in eternal peace, Amy Winehouse. The biggest Nas fan evar.


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