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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #49: The P. Locke Edition f/P.Locke [8.2.2011] Full Tracklist & D/L Links [LIVE RADIO SHOW]

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #49: The P. Locke Edition (8.2.2011) Tracklisting

Asamov “Hookslide” off ‘And Now…” [6 Hole] [THE OPENER]

Asamov “Bad News” off ‘And Now…” [6 Hole]

Asamov “I Feel Real Good” off ‘And Now…” [6 Hole]

Asamov f/Akrobatik “Git Loose” off ‘And Now…” [6 Hole]

Paten Locke “Breakthru” off “Super Ramen Rocketship” [Tres]

Paten Locke “Brava” off “Super Ramen Rocketship” [Tres]

Paten Locke “Feel It!” off “Knock Em Out The Box” [Bandcamp/iTunes]

Paten Locke “Stab Wounds” off “Knock Em Out The Box” [Bandcamp/iTunes]

Willie Evans Jr. f/Paten Locke “Dumbtron” off “Introducin'” [High Water Music]

Willie Evans Jr. “Sidewalk Shit” off “Introducin'” [High Water Music]

Marv Won x Chanes “The Last Hope” [EXCLUSIVE]

Blu “l u c k y” off “Jesus ∆” [Nature Sounds]

Che Grand “Gold Chains (Part Deux)” off “Everything’s Good Ugly” [ZFTP/Loud Minority]

Paul White f/Guilty Simpson “Trust” off the upcoming One Handed Music LP “Rapping With Paul White”

Willie Evans Jr. “Greenish Lights” off “Billy Lotion” [Internet]

Willie Evans Jr. “FemmeEwoks” off “Billy Lotion” [Internet]

Kaimbr “Crane Technique” off “Mr. Miyagi” [Bandcamp]

Kaimbr “Balance” off “Mr. Miyagi” [Bandcamp]

Jaisu “Staricide” [EXCLUSIVE]

Small Pro “contact the ambulance, come and retrieve your individuals” off “Elderly Jawns” [Bandcamp]

Errol Barnes “Bentley Bump Musiq” off “Beat Power” [Melting Pot Music]

Astronote “90’s Love” off “The Raw Tape” [A Side Worldwide]

Mabanua “Don’t Know Where” off “Done Already” [Origami Productions]

Madlib f/Oh No “O.G. Pt. 2 (Underwater Mix)” off “Medicine Show No. 11: Low Budget High Fi Music” [Stones Throw]

Kankick “Tainted Orange Juice” off “Full-time work, Part-time pay” [Amazon/iTunes]

Knxwledge “Dukshun” off “Hexual.Sealings.LP” [Bandcamp]

Hudson Mohawke “Thunder Bay” off “Satin Panthers EP” [Warp]

NAMELESS “asdfghjkl” off “[shrug]” [Bandcamp] [THE CLOSER]

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