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DON’T SLEEP: SFS #50: The CHOP THIS! Edition (Airing 8.16.2011) Sample Sources [CONTEST]

The Scrunchface Show #50: The CHOP THIS! Edition will now be airing live on August 16th, 2011 (hopefully, provided we get the necessary amount of submissions this time) and the show will consist of slaps made by the listeners, beatmakers and producers. Last Wednesday afternoon (August 3rd) @ Noon I posted the 25 sample sources (and a bonus joint) via the Producers I Know twitter account (@ProducersIKnow) but in the spirit of sport, I’ll post them up here as well. I’d like chops for EACH individual sample source although I expect multiples for certain ones. I dropped a few soundtrack songs, some anime themes, some obscure Soul/R&B, Rock and even some late 80’s New Jack Swing. Here’s the list. All I need y’all to do is make the beats & submit them to me @ poisonousparagraphs[at]gmail[dot]com before midnight August 16th, 2011 (22 hours before showtime @ 10 PM). Good luck!

SFS #50: CHOP THIS! Edition Sample Sources (all beats due before midnight August 16th, 2011):

Queen “The Hero” (Flash Gordon OST)

Uzaki Ryuundo “Kamui Densetsu” (Kamui No Ken (Dagger Of Kamui) OST)

Bob Larimer x White Water “Zing Zong” (Hugo The Hippo OST)

Paul Williams x Ray Kennedy “Life At Last” (Phantom Of The Paradise OST)

Joe Walsh “In The City” (The Warriors OST)

Thomas Newman “Arose” (American Beauty OST)

Force Five Space Keteers “Opening theme (US Version)”

Force Five Star Vengers “Opening theme (US Version)”

Carl Macek Robotech “Opening theme (US Version)”

John Barry “Main Theme” (The Game Of Death OST)

Barbara Mason “You Better Stop It”

The Dog That Bit People “Reptile Man”

Oceanliners “Funky Pants”

The Sherrell Bros. “The Price”

Kimiko Kasai “Vibration”

Plumtree “Go!”

The Von Bondies “C’mon C’mon”

Crystal Kay “Girl’s Night”

Webster Lewis “Do It With Style”

The Sonics “Psycho”

The Triads “If You’re Looking For Love”

The Kickin Mustangs “Kickin”

The Comsat Angels “I’m Falling”

The (English) Beat “Too Nice To Talk To (Extended 12″ Version)”

Al B. Sure! “If I’m Not Your Lover”

Guy “You Can Call Me Crazy”

Make sure to submit your slaps or compositions to Dart Adams @ poisonousparagraphs[at]gmail[dot]com before the midnight it becomes August 16th, 2011 (22 hours before airtime) deadline. I’d like flips or chops of each source ideally. The best jawns will be played on the next Scrunchface Show which airs live here from 10 PM to midnight Tuesdays. You can hear the previous 49 episodes of The Scrunchface Show here or download them from iTunes. Good luck!


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