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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #50: The CHOP THIS! Edition [8.16.2011] Full Tracklist & D/L Links [LIVE RADIO SHOW]

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #50: The CHOP THIS! Edition (8.16.2011) Tracklisting

JBmBeatz “You Betta” (Barbara Mason “You Better Stop It”) [THE OPENER]

The Letter C “Phantom P” (Paul Williams “Life At Last”)

Sandman Productions “The Scrunchface Special” (Paul Williams “Life At Last”)

magOwl “The Price” (Sherrel Bros. “The Price”)

Jansport J “Not Ready” (Barbara Mason “You Better Stop It”)

Analog Burners “Funky Pants” (Oceanliners “Funky Pants”)

Newstalgia “Clockwise” (Queen “The Hero”, Thomas Newberry “Arose”, Paul Williams “Life At Last, John Barry “The Game Of Death Maine Theme”, Barbara Mason “You Better Stop It”, The Sherrell Bros. “The Price” & Uzaki Ryuundo “Kamui Densetsu”)

Buddha Beats “Jungle Haze” (Von Bondies “C’mon C’mon”)

Nasa “Plumtree” (Plumtree “Go”)

DaiKatamyIs “Vivation” (Kimiko Kasai “Vibration”)

Trifeckta “Producersiknow50/Starfuckers” (Star Vengers Theme)

Freshnerd (100 Akres) “Rabbit Juice” (Kimiko Kasai “Vibration”)

Buddha Beats “Stacked” (Barbara Mason “Stop It”)

Nubbz “Stop It” (Barbara Mason “Stop It”)

Mekz Uno “The Black Mage” (Space Keteers Theme)

M Slago “Star Vengers” (Star Vengers Theme) [THE CLOSER]

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