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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #51: The Oddisee Edition [8.23.2011] Full Tracklist & D/L Links [LIVE RADIO SHOW]

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #51: The Oddisee Edition (8.23.2011) Tracklisting

Oddisee “Head High” off “Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1” [Halftooth/OOP] [THE OPENER]

Oddisee “D.O.A.” off “Instrumental Mixtape Vol. 1” [Halftooth/OOP]

Oddisee “Hip Hop’s Cool Again” off “Mental Liberation” [Mello Music Group]

Oddisee f/yU “Still Doing It” off “Rock Creek Park” [Mello Music Group]

Oddisee “Goodbye DC” off “Traveling Man” [Mello Music Group]

Oddisee f/Muhsinah “That Day” off “Odd Seasons” [Mello Music Group]

Ave.To “As The World Turns” off “Three Way Intersection”

Diamond District “Streets Won’t Let Me Chill” off “In The Ruff” [Mello Music Group]

Oddisee “The Carter Barron” off “Rock Creek Park” [Mello Music Group]

Oddisee “The Uptown Cabaret” off “Rock Creek Park” [Mello Music Group]


Lunice “Glow” off “One Hunned EP” [LuckyMe]

Knxwledge “Tension” off “Komposure.EP” [Bandcamp]

AbJo “The Chi” off “Sankofa EP” [Soulection]

Falside “Alone Together” off “Snare Conditioning” [Producers I Know/Poorly Drawn]

Naïve Machine “Tiltin Ova” off “Robot Ramification EP” [Hit & Hope]

Jaisu “Dynamite” [EXCLUSIVE]

Veterano “I Love You & You Love Me” off the upcoming beat tape “Westside Stories” dropping 8.30.2011 [EXCLUSIVE]

Blu “4U” off “Jesus∆” [Nature Sounds]

Torae “Do The Math” [Internet]

Danny Brown “Pac Blood” off “XXX” [Fools Gold/Internet]

City Slick (Decay x Fluent) “Back On It” off “A Money And His Fool” [Green Llama Music]

City Slick (Decay x Fluent) “The Hustle” off “A Money And His Fool” [Green Llama Music]

Apathy f/Celph Titled “Stop What Your Doin’” off “Honkey Kong” [Dirty Version]

Apathy “Check To Check” off “Honkey Kong” [Dirty Version] [THE CLOSER]

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