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DON’T SLEEP: Strange Fruit Project “A Dreamer’s Journey” [NEW PROJECT]

This reminds me of the first time I ever heard the lead single off Strange Fruit Project’s debut LP “The Healing” when I was on Okayplayer back in the days and how blown away I was by it. Not too long afterwards, I can recall hearing the album and thinking to myself that two groups that I heard that year via OKP (Tanya Morgan & Strange Fruit Project) had serious potential to be among my favorite groups much in the way Little Brother had become. Five years later and I feel like that feeling I initially had was for good reason…

I’m often critical of music in this modern age because too many people accept mediocrity. This is FAR from mediocre music, it’s extraordinary. This is the kind of music that inspires me to write and gives me hope that somewhere in my Gmail inbox I’m going to hear something that will give me another “The first time I ever heard…” story 5 years from now. Salute Symbolyc One, Myth & Myone. Shout out to VohnBeatz (I know your voice when I hear it!). Cop “A Dreamer’s Journey” and don’t sleep!


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