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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #52: The Hiatus Is Over Edition [9.20.2011] Full Tracklist & D/L Links [LIVE RADIO SHOW]

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #52: The Hiatus Is Over Edition (9.20.2011) Tracklisting

Blu f/Donel Smokes, Definite Mass & Dubble Oh “Down To Earth” off of “NO YORK” [New World Color/Internet] [THE OPENER]

Apathy f/Eternia & Diabolic “Dear Lord” off of “Honkey Kong [Dirty Version Records]

J-Live “From Scratch” off off the upcoming Triple Threat/Fat Beats LP “S.P.T.A (Said Person Of That Ability)”

Strange Fruit Project f/Pumah “I’m Gon’ Far” off of “A Dreamer’s Journey” [Rappers I Know/Bandcamp]

Freeway “Listen” off of the upcoming Rhymesayers Entertainment LP “Beautiful Music”

DJ Shadow f/Talib Kweli & Posdnous “Stay The Course” off of “The Less You Know, The Better (Deluxe Edition)” [Island]

Emcee Unless “Ashes (Zilla Rocca Remix)” [Bandcamp]

Astronote “Feel The Heat” off of “The Raw Tape” [A Side Worldwide/Bandcamp]

Boonie Mayfield “The Travel” off of “Black Koolaid” [Internet/BoonieMayfield.com]

Onra “Change Of Heart” off “Change Of Heart/Keep On Loving Me” [All City]

Sir Froderick “Openinggame83” off “She’sbeautiful EP” [Bandcamp]

Veterano “When We Get Married” off “WestSideStories” [Producers I Know/Bandcamp]

Veterano “Lil’ Dreamer” off “WestSideStories” [Producers I Know/Bandcamp]

Kan Kick “Puff 1 For The World” off “Rummage To Royalty” [Melting Pot Music]

Kan Kick “Monk Clap” off “Rummage To Royalty” [Melting Pot Music]

Brenk Sinatra “Shangri-La” off “Gumbo 2: Pretty Gumbo” [Melting Pot Music]

Brenk Sinatra “Everyday Scenario” off “Gumbo 2: Pretty Gumbo” [Melting Pot Music]

Will Sessions “Memory Lane” off of the upcoming Fat Beats LP “The Elmatic Instrumentals”

Knxwledge “Thoughti[YngEm]” off of “ShadySide.EP” [Bandcamp]

Hazel x Slakah The Beatchild “Hold On Tight” off of “THIS” [Bandcamp]

AbJo “The Chi” off of “Sankofa” [Souletic]

Blessy “Iseethedee” off of “Outtakes” [Bandcamp]

AraabMuzik “Lift Off” off “Electronic Dream” [Duke]

Pete Cannon “The Head” [EXCLUSIVE]


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