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DON’T SLEEP: Hyundai Veloster x The Grammys “RE:GENERATION” [PROMO VIDEOS]

Welcome to the “RE: GENERATION Project”.  In it, 5 well known and highly respected DJ’s are asked to immerse themselves in a genre of music completely counter to the one they specialize in and produce a song in said genre. DJ Premier will tackle Classical, Pretty Lights tackles Country, Crystal Method is tasked with creating classic R&B in the vein of the Motown Sound, Mark Ronson was given Jazz (not too much of a stretch) and Skrillex was assigned Rock.

This project was arranged in association with The Grammys and Hyundai. I discovered it when I was talking to my boy G. Valentino Ball outside Church in Boston a while back and he told me that DJ Premier was working on a classic song with Berklee College Of Music students and Nas for The Grammys. Go to the RE:GENERATION website for proper updates and further information. DON’T SLEEP!


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