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DON’T SLEEP: Red Bull Music Academy “The Medium Is The Message: A Tribute To Musical Formats” [MINI-DOCUMENTARY]


The Red Bull Music Academy produced a mini documentary borne out of the RBMA Madrid 2011 session that discusses the different formats involved with the creation of or culture of different musical genres. Here’s what RMBA has to say about it:

“From shellacs and tapes to 12″ vinyl, CDR and mp3, countless storage formats have been hailed as the future of recorded sound – some of them going on to acquire cult status for their unique sonic and tactile qualities. During its 2011 tenure in Madrid, the Red Bull Music Academy paid tribute to this evolution with an exhibition, various lectures and a special formats-themed party. In this mini-documentary, musical luminaries such as dubplate champion Hatcha, laptop wizard Clams Casino, and legendary disco edit master Greg Wilson, discuss how each format has become emblematic – and indeed, defined the sound of an era.”

Don’t sleep.


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