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DON’T SLEEP: 14KT “A Friendly Game Of KT (Limited Edition Splatter Vinyl Version)” [NEW RELEASE]

14KT previously dropped his instrumental album “A Friendly Game Of KT” that consists of 14 raw slaps from one of the illest producers and beatmakers in the game today in digital format. If you managed to sleep on “The Golden Hour”, “Nowalataz” or “14KillaTape” then I’m extremely disappointed in you thus far but you can make it all up by copping “A Friendly Game Of KT” which is available for purchase from Amazon, iTunes, Fat Beats & UGHH. The limited edition splatter vinyl printing is limited to only 500 pieces and drops/ships on March 6th, 2012 but is available for pre-order/purchase from Fat Beats and UGHH. Don’t sleep!


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