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DON’T SLEEP: Vlek x Herrmutt Lobby “BEATSURFING #3: Granular Synthesis” [BEAT VIDEO/PRODUCT DEMO]

Vlek presents a new iPad MIDI Instrument builder for the iPad developed by Hermutt Lobby called Beatsurfing (video shows Lobby using an iPad 2 to operate Beatsurfing). You can build an instrument and play it, like a partition, in a 1000 different ways. This video features 4 “operators”: the Line, the Circle, the Polygon and the Fader. Each of these operators allows you to build your own MIDI instruments from the ground up as if you were drawing them on the screen. The distribution of the objects and the trajectory of your fingers then help to reintroduce variety and a human feeling to your performance. You can watch these three collected “Beatsurfing” demo videos and if you’re interested in possibly trying out the new Vlek iPad app Beatsurfing it officially hits the Apple Store soon in June 2012. Don’t sleep!


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