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DON’T SLEEP: Freddie Joachim f/Carlitta Durand “Keep Lovin'” (prod. by Freddie Joachim) [SINGLE]

This is the lead single off of Freddie Joachim’s upcoming LP “Fiber Glass Kisses”, “Keep Lovin'” featuring Carlitta Durand. Also included is the Eric Lau remix via the Bandcamp embed. Don’t sleep on it…


2 responses

  1. Pinga Grande

    Anonymous said…

    Yo what are some actual good beat blogs to find actual good beats on?

    since this blog has decided to just post bland, uninspired, repetitive, ‘same as last week’, ‘my first mpc’, beat tapes, i need a new go-to source for beats..

    but instead of actually trying to find a good blog, i just want ppl to send me one, just like how this blog seems to find beats…

    any heads with knowledge out there? or am i fool for thinking heads who know still even visit this shit?

    ya, i said it, dont cry, just help

    May 9, 2012 at 10:24 PM

    • If you don’t find any “good” beat tapes HERE then I’m sorry to say that you are shit out of luck as far as the entire internet is concerned. That is both opinion and fact. I won’t miss you, there will be other visitors to PIK to take your place. Good luck with life, Anonymous…

      Dart Adams

      May 9, 2012 at 10:34 PM

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