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DON’T SLEEP: JASS #9: M. Constant Live Beat Set @ Phoenix Landing (5.15.2012) [LIVE FOOTAGE]

JASS is a live music/beats/DJ showcase/beat culture label that had a monthly residence @ Phoenix Landing in Cambridge. On a pre-selected Tuesday evening from 9 PM – 1 AM resident DJ’s T-Dredz & Jassy Jeff alongside visual artist VJ Renzo bring in special invited guests to perform live. Last night’s headliner was M. Constant whose “Bugged EP” just dropped on the JASS Bandcamp yesterday.

I was only going to shoot 15 minutes of his set initially until a few things occurred resulting in 4 pieces of footage from two separate phones. First off, I was jostled from behind while shooting on the iPhone 4 and I had ultimately had to reboot that phone. I pulled out the iPhone 3GS and shot with that until some drunk jackass dancing knocked THAT phone outta my hand. I picked it up and started shooting again until my iPhone 4 was back up and running then I shot the last 5+ minutes of M. Constant’s set with it. Don’t sleep…


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