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DON’T SLEEP: 9th Wonder x Mark Anthony Neal x James Peterson “Sampling Soul: Deconstructing “Illmatic”” [LECTURE/DISCUSSION]

In 2010, 9th Wonder & Mark Anthony Neal co-taught a class at Duke University in North Carolina called “Sampling Soul” which dealt with the aesthetics, understanding, complexities and techniques involved in creating sample based Hip Hop. This particular class was a 90 minute discussion about the 1994 classic LP “Illmatic” and it’s influence on Hip Hop as a whole. James Peterson was a contributor to the Michael Eric Dyson book “Born To Use Mics” which deconstructs the album “Illmatic”. This is required viewing for anyone who gives a damb about Hip Hop, production, or just quality music in general you should watch this. I can’t wait until 9th Wonder shows up to begin his fellowship @ Harvard with Tahero. Don’t sleep…


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