I Know Producers I Know Beats

DON’T SLEEP: Pragmatic Theory “Summer In The City” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]

Pragmatic Theory’s “Summer In The City” compilation features production/contributions/slaps from Ta-Ku, floydcheung, Handbook, Languid, Stainless Steele, Snubluck, Snakehips, ill sugi, Mononome, Y Ohan & Keor Meteor, CΔNS, ChromadaData, Prozak Morris, Weirddough, Glyphick, S.F.T, Nextwon, MOTD & Afryx_Q, JP Balboa, DJ Sapien, Artonius, Keith Price, MadColour, Byrdversion1, Grossbuster, Scalez, Constrobuz, AL_PD, Jewbei, Warren Xclnce & Sev Seveer. That’s ONE HELL of a damb line up. Don’t sleep on it…


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