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DON’T SLEEP: Narvu. “Architect.EP”, “Evidence.EP”, “Teardrops.EP”, “Repeat.EP” & “Strawberry.EP” [BEAT TAPES]


Here’s what happened, I posted up beat tapes from Naoto Taguchi in the past. Then he changed his name to Andherpackage and I continued to. He cranked out beat tapes at an impressive clip. Recently I received a message from an anonymous Twitter account that Naoto Taguchi steals beats. Actually, a few people got the message & said “he’ll just change his name again”. I then went to the Naoto Taguchi/Andherpackage Bandcamp & it was gone. I asked the account if it had any proof first. No more tweets came from it. Then I notice that Naoto/Andherpackage’s SoundCloud has now become Narvu. If he WAS a beat thief then HOW is he stealing SO many beats and who from that hasn’t spoke out yet (not anonymously)? I suspect it’s a marketing ploy until I get proof because if these beats ARE stolen then they’re ALL from the same person and they must be a really smart moron. Here are a gang of beat tapes. Don’t sleep…


5 responses

  1. nahson

    he could of just called them remixes and gotten away with it. does anyone have the andherpackage stuff and willing to upload/link?

    January 25, 2013 at 3:25 AM

    • wuzhere

      did you happen to find his stuff by any chance im looking for the illminate-ep

      July 30, 2015 at 11:25 PM

  2. Tto

    i’d be interested to hear the andherpackage stuff myself, but all i find are empty bandcamp embeds ever since that earlier bandcamp page disappeared. i second nahson’s call for someone who might have that material and be willing to share it at least so we can hear for ourselves.

    i’m also curious to know if anything more ever came of these accusations? it isn’t as if the guy is hiding who he is, as the morphing from naoto taguchi to andherpackage to narvu. has been pretty transparent in and of itself. that being the case, and with his presence on all the major social media outlets (twitter, facebook, tumbler, soundcloud, etc.) it seems like it wouldn’t be difficult for someone to actually confront him directly about the issue. i think i’ve seen the tweets referred to in the posting here, and the twitter user’s account has been silent after its initial flurry of accusatory and basically identical tweets. other than the accusation itself, there was no insight offered. i also see several comments coming 3 months ago from a single user on every andherpackage youtube clip. those comments also repeat that all these beats are stolen, but nowhere does the user say from what artist they were stolen from or what songs they were stolen from. on the andherpackage last.fm page, the only user comment is from someone who says that andherpackage’s Palladium is a knxwledge ripoff. by that i don’t know if we should take that as a claim that he is simply ripping off his general approach and style or that he literally ripped off particular knxwledge beats.

    i am new to this guy, but i have enjoyed the material he has put out under the narvu. moniker. i heard the similarities to other artists immediately in the couple EP’s i’ve heard so far, and i did immediately think chiefly of knxwledge. but, having a similar style and outright stealing beats are two very different things. i can deal with the first, because there is always room for variations on style, but the second isn’t cool.

    i’ve heard a lot of knxwledge’s material as well, but with the 50,000 releases he has put out at this point my brain has lost the ability to keep it all straight and i’d be hard pressed to know beat for beat if something in particular were to get lifted and used in part or in its entirety by another artist as their own.

    i guess, as someone who has enjoyed the little bit i’ve heard from narvu., i’d just like to know if he actually deserves the credit for what i’m hearing.

    anyway, pz

    April 19, 2013 at 2:10 AM

    • brekk

      hy! i’m searching for his andherpackage and N▲OTO T△G▼CHⓘ stuff for months now as well. especially his sunrise and sunset EPs (i heard these in may 2012 on his bandcamp but forgot to download them and couple of months later they were gone)

      i agree about the similarities with knxwledge but i still believe a different person made these beats. i don’t know if there’s any progress in this ‘stealing case’, all i know is that he’s producing under the name GreenAssassinDollar now, so he changed his name again. i tried to contact him but he has not responded yet.

      did you find something since your post?

      August 31, 2013 at 6:51 PM

  3. Jupitah696

    Id really like to get in contact with the producer of andherpackage and at least purchase a song that i listen to constantly i downloaded it from youtube when i was uploaded but now since its gone i dont wanna lose it on my ipod haha

    June 19, 2014 at 3:34 PM

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