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Analog | Division

DON’T SLEEP: Analog | Division “invenire|LUX|vestra.” [NEW PROJECT]


New Analog | Division music. Don’t sleep on “invenire|LUX|vestra.”, folks…




Analog | Division dropped the incredible remix project “GOLDEN” last week but it was on SoundCloud only. This is the Bandcamp version for all the Bandcamp head. Free advice, put your beat tapes/remix projects on SoundCloud & Bandcamp if at all possible. Also consider AudioMack & VibeDeck, just having a project available for direct D/L is so 2006. The more available your project it, the more ears can hear it. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Analog | Division // “Golden” [BEAT TAPE]


Analog Division has done it again. This shit is DOPE. Beats. Blends. Remixes. All representing the 2nd Golden Era. Don’t sleep on this. WAAAAAAAAAAKE UUUUUUUUUP! © Vaughn “Dap” Dunlap


DON’T SLEEP: Analog Division “A N L G | D I V II” [BEAT TAPE]

The collective known as Analog Division consists of the beatmakers/producers Trey Hemingway, Byron The Aquarius, Christopher Killumbus & Oh4Re△L?!. They’re also the makers of the second Analog Division beat tape/compilation  “A N L G | D I V II”. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Oh4Re△L?! “Circa ’97 (Dilla Dawg)” (prod. by Oh4Re△L?!) [INSTRUMENTAL]

Oh4Re△L?! just dropped this Dilla tribute track called “Circa ’97 (Dilla Dawg)” that you can peep here via Bandcamp. Happy Black History Month & Dilla Month. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Nas “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” (prod. by Oh4Re△L?!) [REMIX]

The homie Oh4Re△L?! shot me this remix of Nas’ “It Ain’t Hard To Tell” earlier today that I just listened to after the Bruins game. Holy shit this is good. Like Kim Kardashian’s ass in some yoga pants good. Listen for yourselves…


DON’T SLEEP: Oh4Re△L?! “We Never Dream” [BEAT TAPE]

Courtesy of Analog | Division comes this fantastic beat tape by Oh4Re△L?! called “We Never Dream”. It landed in my inbox. I heard it. Then I posted it. It’s really that simple. No jedi mind tricks required. Don’t sleep…