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DON’T SLEEP: High Klassified “Neo ReFlexion” [BEAT TAPE]


High Klassified is part of the Montreal Piu Piu/Artbeat Montreal beat culture scene and here is his latest work, “Neo ReFlexion”. Do me a favir. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: KenLo Craqnuques “Tomates” [BEAT TAPE]


KenLo Craqnuques is one of the first beatmakers I encountered many years ago out of the whole Tout’Nou/Piu Piu/ALAIZ/Artbeat Montreal scene. I had 130 KenLo beats in my old iPod Touch back in the days. Here’s his latest beat tape “Tomates” seeing as how KenLo has run out of primary colors to name his beat tapes after. Don’t sleep…




Straight outta Montreal’s Piu Piu fam comes BUeLLER from the Tout’Nou collective. Don’t sleep on the “ReLATION_EP” beat tape…


DON’T SLEEP: Caro Dupont x KenLo Craqnuques “Booogillon Maison (Un)” [BEAT TAPE]

This one falls under the Alaclair Ensemble umbrella. PIK regular KenLo Craqnuques and Caro Dupont’s release “Booogillon Maison (Un)” dropped at the end of last week. Don’t sleep on Montreal, B…


DON’T SLEEP: Da-P “Innovation” & “BipolArt” [BEAT TAPES]

To those familiar with the entire Artbeat Montreal & Piu Piu beat culture movements happening in Canada right now should know of ALAIZ’ Da-P. Here are his two beat tapes from 2012, “Innovation” & “BipolArt”. Don’t sleep on them…


DON’T SLEEP: HighKlassified “Flexury” [BEAT TAPE]


If you’re familiar with the whole Piu Piu/Artbeat Montreal scene then you’d be familiar with ALAIZ. If you’re familiar with ALAIZ then you’d be familiar with HighKlassified. If you’re not? GET FAMILIAR! © Clinton Sparks. Don’t sleep…


Piu Piu Documentary “Piu Piu Beat Tape Vol. 2” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]

The upcoming Piu Piu documentary which covers the burgeoning Montreal beat culture has dropped it’s second promotional beat tape featuring appearances from Elaquent, Sunclef, Fruit, Shash’U, Sikh Knowledge, Naes, Langelier, A-Justice, Chris RT, Jam, Cozy and many more. Don’t sleep on this. THE HIATUS IS OVER!