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DON’T SLEEP: Memorecks “Whitepads (MPC 1000 Live)” [BEAT VIDEO]

Here’s a beat video from Memorecks that I haven’t posted up yet on Producers I Know. The routine was done on an Akai MPC 1000 and it’s called “Whitepads” (because the pads on said MPC 1000 are white…duh!). If you’re unfamiliar with Memorecks then get familiar (no Clinton Sparks) via Producers I Know. Merry Christmas to you


DON’T SLEEP: Memorecks “Downtime” [BEAT TAPE]

Unless you’ve been living under a rock and aren’t familiar with the Canadian beatmaker Memorecks or his insane beat videos I’ve featured on Producers I Know then you’d know he’s a monster of the beat scene and live performance circuit. He recently dropped a 19 blap instrumental poject called “Downtime” via Bankrush Records that you can download for free.99. Get thee to The Find Magazine and download it right now. DON’T SLEEP!