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Bedroom Research

DON’T SLEEP: Polyklinik “Syntrophy” [BEAT TAPE]


Hungrarian beatamker/producer Polyklinik’s take on Dubstep/Techstep “Syntrophy”. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: KDG (Kappah x Digi G’Alessio) “KDG” [BEAT TAPE]

The latest project from French beat culture label Bedroom Research is the collaborative 7 track beat tape from Kappah & Digi G’Alessio called “KDG”. I like shake the cobwebs out of people’s ears and brains early in the morning stateside and alert the rest of the overseas beat culture community that I, in fact, do stay awake in more ways than one. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Digi G’Alessio “Oh SP Days!” [BEAT TAPE]

Here’s a brand new beat tape from Overknights Crew member and Bedroom Research‘s own Digi G’Alessio done exclusively with an SP 404 and a keyboard for synths. 20 slaps that are each 1 minute long so you can’t get bored with anything, if anything you’d wanna rewind a few jawns. Don’t sleep on this one. The cover art alone is genius…