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DON’T SLEEP: BOILER ROOM LA #015 f/Gossamer, Low Limit & Nosaj Thing [LIVE EVENT]


Boiler Room LA  #015 starts now! Our pal JASS regular Gossamer goes 2nd after Jamie Strong, then D-Tibierio, Low Limit, Classixx, Nosaj Thing and then Rhye will close out the festivities. You can stream the whole event from here. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: BOILER ROOM x Ta-Ku “Ta-Ku Boiler Room Australia DJ Set” [BEAT VIDEO]


Here’s Ta-Ku’s amazing set consisting of original production done at the Australian Boiler Room stop. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: BOILER ROOM x Teebs x Prefuse73 “Boiler Room: Los Angeles #003 w/ Sons Of The Morning (Teebs x Prefuse73) Live (6.12.2012) [LIVE SET]

Here is the audio from the 29 minute live set from Sons Of The Morning (Teebs x Prefuse73) @ Boiler Room Los Angeles #003 on 6.12.2012. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: BOILER ROOM LA #004: Houseshoes x DJ Pound x Mndsgn x Ahnnu x eLan x AGES [LIVE EVENT]

It’s another live Boiler Room event from LA! This jawn will run from 7 PM -11 PM PST (10 PM- 2 AM EST) and feture sets from the likes of Houseshoes, DJ Pound, Mndsgn, Ahnnu, eLan & AGES. I dare you, no I double dog dare you to sleep on this shit. What? Say “what” again! SAY “WHAT” AGAIN, MUTHAFUCKA! Just don’t sleep on this. GO. HERE. NOW


DON’T SLEEP: Boiler Room x Samiyam “Boiler Room Los Angeles #002: Samiyam 25 Minute Set (3.31.2012)” [LIVE FOOTAGE + AUDIO]

Here is some newly released to YouTube footage of  Samiyam’s set from “Boiler Room: Los Angeles #002 GLK & Friends” w/ Gaslamp Killer, Jeremiah Jae, Samiyam, Computer Jay, DJ Nobody, Jonti, Alter, Jonwayne, PBDY, Cohenbeats & Eric Coleman. For the audio go to the Boiler Room SoundCloud page. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Boiler Room x Stones Throw “L.A. Sessions 001: Stones Throw” [AUDIO/VIDEO]

Back on February 25th, 2012 Stones Throw DJ’s Peanut Butter Wolf, J.Rocc & Dam-Funk (supported by Sofie & Jonwayne) all spun sets streamed live on Boiler Room TV. Since there’s no Vimeo OR SoundCloud embeds are available you’ll be forced to follow these links to Peanut Butter Wolf, J.Rocc & Dam-Funk’s set still hasn’t been added yet to the Boiler Room site (when it has I’ll update the post). Until then don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Stones Throw x Boiler Room “Boiler Room LA 001” [LIVE STREAM]

Live from L.A. Boiler Room is broadcasting the Stones Throw Takeover to make up for that wack ass Slam Dunk Contest. The masters Peanut Butter Wolf, J.Rocc and the homie Dam-Funk will all spin sets for the next 3 hours or so of the most facemelting shit you can imagine. Just click the link to watch the show live via Boiler Room TV. Soon the recordings or streams should be up as well. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Boiler Room x DOOM “Red Stripe Make Sessions 001” [MIX]

Boiler Room aired DOOM DJing a live 60 minute set last Tuesday as part of the first ever Red Stripe Make Sessions series. Lex Records was a participant and DOOM had the leadoff set before Jneiro Jarel AKA Dr. Who Dat got on who is his partner in the new JJ DOOM project dropping later this year. Since there’s no recorded video available of the event and no embedding is being allowed (no really a surprise, I couldn’t embed the DJ Shadow set from a few months ago either) you need to go here. Don’t sleep…



Here’s the footage from BOILER ROOM #69, a podcast you can check out both from it’s official website or download directly from iTunes. Illum Sphere does his thing live on the decks for the party people. Enjoy. DON’T SLEEP!

BR#69 Illum Sphere from BOILER ROOM on Vimeo.