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Condensed Milk

DON’T SLEEP: Condensed Milk “Dusty Milk Crates Vols. 1 & 2” [COMPILATIONS/BEAT TAPES]

Condensed Milk (Amin PaYnE, Jackson Miles & MåSēlf) have released two incredible compilations/beat tapes in between Spring and now. “Dusty Milk Crates Vols. 1 & 2” contain contributions from some of the standout beatmakers and producers in the worldwide beat culture such as Stro Elliot, Chief, Elaquent, Amin PaYnE, BoomBaptist, Cris Prolific, Ta-Ku,  Evil Needle, Stevo, JayLotus, Ben Jamin, LAKIM, BEN BADA BOOM, WINTERS, Roughsoul, SilentJay, Oisima, K-SABA, MAGGZ, Tek Nalo G and many more. Don’t sleep on these….