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Expansions Collective

DON’T SLEEP: Alexis Davis (Mecca:83 x Simon S x Spinnerty x Replife) “3” [NEW PROJECT]

The long awaited 6 song EP from new outfit Alexis Davis (Mecca:83 x Simon S x Spinnerty x Replife) finally dropped today on July (7), 13th, 2012. You shouldn’t sleep on this incredibly dope release from the Expansions Collective crew that’s only a prelude to more insane music to come. I even dropped it precisely @ 3:03 AM EST. LISTEEEEEEEEN! © Raphael De La Ghetto


DON’T SLEEP: Expansions Collective x Mecca:83 “Summer Jams” [MIX]

Expansions Collective is a crew of producers, beatmakers, DJ’s and graphic/web designers that consists of Mecca:83, Replife, DistantStarr, K15, The Deuces Wild, Spinnerty, Nic Costello, Mark Matthews, Alexis Davis & DJ Simon S. Their first ever podcast comes courtesy of Mecca:83 and you can either hear it from Mixcloud or download “Summer Jams” directly from MediaFire. Either way? Don’t sleep on it…