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DON’T SLEEP: “Symbolyc Reflectionz: The Story Of Producer S1” [TRAILER]

This the the trailer to a documentary about the rise of Symbolyc One AKA S1 and his music career. I go back to 2005 with S1 and Strange Fruit Project via Okayplayer. If you weren’t aware his previous LP’s include Symbolyc One & !llmind “The Art Of Onemind”, Strange Fruit Project “The Healing”, Symbolyc One “S1’s Music Box”, Braille & Symbolyc One “Cloud Nineteen”, Strange Fruit Project “M.A.S.K. (Making Art Sound Kool)” and Strange Fruit Project’s 2011 album “A Dreamer’s Journey”. Most music fans know S1 from his work with Kanye West, Jay-Z and Beyonce but he’s been in the game making brilliant music since about 2004. The Jeff Adair directed documentary “Symbolyc Reflectionz: The Story Of Producer S1” will drop sometime in 2012. Don’t sleep!

Symbolyc Reflectionz- The Story of Producer S1 from Jeff Adair on Vimeo.


DON’T SLEEP: Pusha T f/Tyler The Creator “Trouble On My Mind” (prod. by Pharrell Williams) [VIDEO]

So…here’s the video from “Trouble On My Mind”. Is it wack? Far from it. Do I really care much for it? Not really. Some people are clamoring for the instrumental. “Not I” said Dart. I’m good…