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Gergaz Netlabel

DON’T SLEEP: Gergaz Netlabel “Beat Garden Compilation 2” [COMPILATION/BEAT TAPE]


This compilation features contributions from Anthony Drawn, Julien Mier, Mute Speaker, Foolk, oddlogic, Vlooper, Melodiesinfonie, Je$u$, Zack Christ, Stratasoul, Karaoke Tundra, iller The Abstract Giraffe, Lost Twin, Lluvia., The Black Arrow and much more. Don’t sleep on it…


DON’T SLEEP: Melodiesinfonie “In Your Mood EP” [BEAT TAPE]

Gergaz Netlabel dropped a new Melodiesinfonie beat tape called “In Your Mood EP” that’s ridiculous and not to be slept on. So don’t…


DON’T SLEEP: Gergaz Netlabel “Beat Garden Compilation” [BEAT TAPE/COMPILATION]

Gergaz Netlabel’s “Beat Garden Compilation” boasts instrumental contributions from a diverse collection of beat culture luminaries such as Ta-Ku, Vlooper, Evil Needle, Prof.Logik, Oddlogic, Repeat Pattern, Mute Speaker, Melodisinfonie, Mazi, Moon and more. Don’t sleep on this 21 track compilation or I’ll hate you forever…or just until the Patriots play again next Sunday.