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DON’T SLEEP: The Find x K-Murdock “Beats From The East” [BEAT TAPE]

The Find Magazine teamed up with K-Murdock of Neosonic Productions to make a beat tape called “Beats From The East”. Don’t sleep on it…



K-Murdock produced 7 jawns that didn’t get released previously by artists such as Braille, Kings & Commoners, Mr. Miranda, Real Reid, K-Chromozome, Deus, and Junclassic. Only 47 of “The Ronin” will be made with custom artwork from Rodrigo Pradel (Get it? “47 Ronin”). Preview & Pre-order it now before it drops on July 29th or just buy it outright digitally now. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: K-Murdock “Smooth Talking: Twilight Edition” & “12 Step Program (Instrumentals)” [INSTRUMENTAL PROJECTS]

K-Murdock released two instrumental projects recently that I’d like you all to take note of & I’d like to personally acknowledge. First off, “Smooth Talking: Twilight Edition”. A Japanese instrumental project which will help fund relief efforts for Japan after the recent earthquakes. Secondly, the instrumentals from the last Panacea album “12 Step Program” (which had some INCREDIBLE cover art). If you’re a K-Murdock fan (or a fan of beats in general), then you should definitely be on the lookout for these. Salute Neosonic Poductions & K-Murdock…