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Aye Pee Beat Library Vol 3 – Prod. Apatight

Producers I Know brings you the 3rd and final chapter in the “Aye Pee Beat Library” series produced by Apatight. Please spread the word on this download and thank you for your continued support in the music we bring you.

“Oddisee” West Coast Beats

Taken from Oddisee Blogspot

“In preparation for Trek Life’s new album “Everything Changed Nothing” available July 27th, I put together a “West Coast” beat-tape.
Coming from the city of Go-Go, I’ve always loved production inspired by funk. when it comes to funk inspired hip hop, no body does it like the west. While I was on the west producing Trek Life’s album that inspiration went further than being a fan. I don’t know if it was the palm trees, beaches, or burgers but this is what I was making in LA. Listen, Download, Enjoy & purchase “Everything Changed Nothing”

Aye Pee Beat Library Volume 2 Prod. Apatight

We had some net problems before we jetted out to New York for some business, so later than expected we link you with Aye Pee Beat Library Volume 2 produced by our very own Apatight.

Go check this follow up to the very dope Vol 1

“TekNaloG” Nano EP Vol 1

Regilio Aka TekNaloG from Amsterdam dropped over the link to his new EP “Nano” some dopeness for you all to download and enjoy

Get the whole ep over at his Bandcamp HERE