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DON’T SLEEP: The Scrunchface Show #42 w/guests Grap Luva & D-Man [PIK] [LIVE RADIO SHOW]

On tonight’s edition of The Scrunchface Show we’ll have the legendary producer Grap Luva. We’ll talk about his past music, coming up under Pete Rock’s tutelage, things you didn’t know about the InI “Center Of Attention” LP and all about his upcoming Redefinition Records project. Grap Luva will appear alongside new Producers I Know member D-Man discussing his upcoming PIK release that drops June 1st. We’ll also be playing exclusives and slaps from heads like Black Milk, Jaisu, Dibiase, Ta-Ku, 0hbliv, Aspect One, fLako, Sunclef, SKYWLKR, Mike Gao, DJ Primate & expect to hear some Grap Luva classics to begin the show off…

Listen to the show here live tonight from 10 PM- Midnight EST: http://bloggerhouse.net/scrunchface-show-listen-now/

For the past 40 shows you can stream them here @ http://scrunchface.bloggerhouse.net/ or download them as podcasts from iTunes.


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