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Scrunchface Show #42 f/Grap Luva, D-Man & Has-Lo Edition (5.6.2011) Full Tracklisting & Links

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #42: The Grap Luva, D-Man & Has-Lo Edition (5.6.2011) Tracklisting *

Unspoken Heard f/J-Live & Grap Luva “Trackrunners” [THE OPENER]*

Grap Luva “Beats And Rhymes”*

Sound Providers f/Grap Luva “Who Am I?”*

Kombo f/Grap Luva & J.Rocc “Time 4 A New Horizon”*

InI (Rob O) “Microphonist Wanderlust”*

Pete Rock f/Grap Luva & Kev Brown “Collector’s Edition”*

Pete Rock f/Grap Luva “Revenge”*

J.Rawls & J.Sands (Lone Catalysts) f/Grap Luva “Check The Clock”*

Grooveman Spot f/Grap Luva “Gettin’ Better” off “Change Situations” [Amazon/iTunes/eMusic]

yU f/Grap Luva, Finale & OP Swamp 81 “Brainwash” off “Before Taxes” [Mello Music Group/Amazon/iTunes]

SKYWLKR “Applebee’s And Weed” off “Strawberry Cough: The Instrumentals” [Bandcamp]

Sunclef “Droski” off “The Tesser∆ct” [Bandcamp]

Sunclef “Samolero” off “The Tesser∆ct” [Bandcamp]

fLako “YeahYeahYeah” off “The Mesketet” [Project Mooncircle/Amazon/iTunes]

0hbliv “Fate Fer Breakfast” off “Monoatomic EP” [Bandcamp]

DJ Primate “Down & Dirty” off “The Beast Tape 2” [Bandcamp]

Aspect One “Luminary Ominous” off “RANDOM: Beats from the MPC 03-07” [Bandcamp]

Dibiase “Rockout” off “Sound Palace” [info[at]mrdibiase.com for details]

Black Milk “3 Stacks 13” [EXCLUSIVE]

Black Milk “The Practice Beat 14” [EXCUSIVE]

Jaisu “Life On Mars” [EXCLUSIVE]

Ta-Ku “Great Start” off “Day & Night EP” [Bandcamp]

Mike Gao “Worthy Unworthy” off “Sun Shadows” [Alpha Pup/Amazon/iTunes]

D-Man “Criolas In Yoga Pants Make Me Glad Dad Didn’t Rock A Condom…” off the upcoming PIK LP “Son, I Had Crazy Visions!…” *Drops 6.1* [EXCLUSIVE]

Grap Luva @ Dilla Day 2008 “Nag Champa (Live)” [THE CLOSER]

*Get ta diggin’ for all these Grap Luva classics. For others visit Grap Luva’s Tumblr. The exclusives come courtesy of my hard drives & the artists themselves*

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