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DON’T SLEEP: Kalhex f/Grap Luva “Perspective(s)” (prod. by Parental) [SINGLE]

On March 15th, 2012, French crew Kalhex will drop a 12″ for the tracks “Perspective(s)”/”La Fine Ligne”. One track, the lead single, features the homie Grap Luva and it’s called “Perspective(s)”. The B side features his rhyme partner in InI Rob-O. Both tracks and 2 other bonus beats are produced by Parental of Kahlex for Akromégalie Records. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Grap Luva “Neva Done EP” [NEW PROJECT]

Grap Luva is known as the younger brother of Pete Rock but he’s a Hip Hop veteran and legend in his own right. He got his start in the game and his name from Heavy D (R.I.P.), went through “Pete Rock Boot Camp” on the SP 1200. Produced numerous classics and spit several classic verses. Not only that but Grap Luva is also a part of InI whose heavily bootlegged album (although it’s not even the official version of the project) is considered a classic as well.

Here he is, back with the “Neva Done EP” which features production from Kev Brown, Joc Max, Damu The Fudgemunk & several instrumental from Grap Luva himself. You can cop it on vinyl, CD or in digital form from iTunes, Amazon, Fat Beats, UGHH or any other reputable digital music marketplace. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Grap Luva “Neva Done” & “Work It Out” (Snippets) (prod. by Kev Brown & Joc Max) [SINGLES]

The homie Grap Luva has a 12″ EP dropping soon on Redefinition Records/Fat Beats (also distributes Slice Of Spice) in the near future. On said 7″ will be the Kev Brown produced “Neva Done” and the Joc Max produced & Damu The Fudgemunk recorded opus “Work It Out”. In addition, we’ll get some more jawns and Grap Luva instrumentals. Salute to Redefinition Records, Slice Of Spice & Grap Luva’s own G.A3 Music Werks. DON’T SLEEP!


Scrunchface Show #42 f/Grap Luva, D-Man & Has-Lo Edition (5.6.2011) Full Tracklisting & Links

The Scrunchface Show @ Bloggerhouse Live #42: The Grap Luva, D-Man & Has-Lo Edition (5.6.2011) Tracklisting *

Unspoken Heard f/J-Live & Grap Luva “Trackrunners” [THE OPENER]*

Grap Luva “Beats And Rhymes”*

Sound Providers f/Grap Luva “Who Am I?”*

Kombo f/Grap Luva & J.Rocc “Time 4 A New Horizon”*

InI (Rob O) “Microphonist Wanderlust”*

Pete Rock f/Grap Luva & Kev Brown “Collector’s Edition”*

Pete Rock f/Grap Luva “Revenge”*

J.Rawls & J.Sands (Lone Catalysts) f/Grap Luva “Check The Clock”*

Grooveman Spot f/Grap Luva “Gettin’ Better” off “Change Situations” [Amazon/iTunes/eMusic]

yU f/Grap Luva, Finale & OP Swamp 81 “Brainwash” off “Before Taxes” [Mello Music Group/Amazon/iTunes]

SKYWLKR “Applebee’s And Weed” off “Strawberry Cough: The Instrumentals” [Bandcamp]

Sunclef “Droski” off “The Tesser∆ct” [Bandcamp]

Sunclef “Samolero” off “The Tesser∆ct” [Bandcamp]

fLako “YeahYeahYeah” off “The Mesketet” [Project Mooncircle/Amazon/iTunes]

0hbliv “Fate Fer Breakfast” off “Monoatomic EP” [Bandcamp]

DJ Primate “Down & Dirty” off “The Beast Tape 2” [Bandcamp]

Aspect One “Luminary Ominous” off “RANDOM: Beats from the MPC 03-07” [Bandcamp]

Dibiase “Rockout” off “Sound Palace” [info[at]mrdibiase.com for details]

Black Milk “3 Stacks 13” [EXCLUSIVE]

Black Milk “The Practice Beat 14” [EXCUSIVE]

Jaisu “Life On Mars” [EXCLUSIVE]

Ta-Ku “Great Start” off “Day & Night EP” [Bandcamp]

Mike Gao “Worthy Unworthy” off “Sun Shadows” [Alpha Pup/Amazon/iTunes]

D-Man “Criolas In Yoga Pants Make Me Glad Dad Didn’t Rock A Condom…” off the upcoming PIK LP “Son, I Had Crazy Visions!…” *Drops 6.1* [EXCLUSIVE]

Grap Luva @ Dilla Day 2008 “Nag Champa (Live)” [THE CLOSER]

*Get ta diggin’ for all these Grap Luva classics. For others visit Grap Luva’s Tumblr. The exclusives come courtesy of my hard drives & the artists themselves*

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