I Know Producers I Know Beats

DON’T SLEEP: P.L.O. vs. Wrecking Crew (Has-Lo x Zilla Rocca x Curly Castro) “The Heat (American Language Rmx)” [SINGLE]

I posted up the P.L.O. produced Sonnyjim & Mudmowth featured banger “The Heat” from my UK peoples almost exactly one month ago back on Producers I Know. Today, I present the equally ill American Language Remix from my extended Philly fam Wrecking Crew (Has-Lo, Zilla Rocca & Curly Castro). Think “Broken Language” x “Lefleur Leflah Eshokska”. Listen to the audio carnage for yourselves, younglings. Gird your loins, spin your totems & remember the fucking Alamo…


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