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DON’T SLEEP: Renegades Of Bump “Ritmo Kovos dalis.2” & “Ritmo Kovos #1” [INTERNATIONAL BEAT COMPILATIONS]

Two weeks ago, Renegades Of Bump posted a Lithuanian beat compilation from it’s most talented up & coming producers and beatmakers called “Ritmo Kovos #1” with a gang of ill blaps on it for $5 that I just saw again on Finest Ego. I remembered that I’d downloaded a previous Renegades Of Bump beat tape for free on the MacBook back when my 15″ PowerBook G4 almost exploded on me earlier this winter. I found “Ritmo Kovos dalis.2” still unzipped on the hard drive from January 12th, 2011. I listened to it and said “Sheeeeeeeit” © Clay Davis. Don’t sleep on Lithuania. They ain’t just good at basketball…


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