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DON’T SLEEP: AssociatedMinds x EatGood Records “The Highball EP” [FREE ALBUM]

Two of my favorite UK collectives/extended families teamed together to create mindblowing music. AssociatedMinds. EatGoodRecords. It’s like the X-Men AND Avengers said “let’s join forces”. HOLYFUCKINGSHIT. “The Highball EP” is everything I expected it to be and much, much more. “The Highball EP” features the vocal talents of Sonnyjim, Mudmowth, Kosyne, Ralph Rip Shit, Redbeard, RTKal, Ruffstylz, Taharka and Willo Wispa. Production is handled by the highly capable team of P.L.O. AKA P Leezy, Metabeats, Kelakovski, Dockmini, Myke Forte and Beatbox Fozzy.

Don’t sleep on AssociatedMinds OR EatGood Records anymore. I don’t see how you can now. The body has fallen out of the trunk and we can’t pretend it didn’t happen and we all didn’t see it. Now wake your asses up & go download “The Highball EP”.


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