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DON’T SLEEP: Pete Cannon “The Pete Tape” [BEAT TAPE]


Louis Den and the Team PIK homie Pete Cannon have been doing some serious work lately. About three weeks ago Pete Cannon released a short beat tape called “The Pete Tape” that y’all shouldn’t sleep on. So don’t…


DON’T SLEEP: Myke Forte “MPC2500 Session” [BEAT VIDEO]

The homie Myke Forte had an Akai MPC 2500 video shot by Kosyne for Akai of him for a contest. Don’t sleep on this as it’s the 5000th post in the life of Producers I Know. Here’s to 5000 more and another 30 months…


DON’T SLEEP: Wizard “Darling” (prod. by Wizard) [INSTRUMENTAL]

Wizard’s “Darling” will be featured on “Chill Pill 4”. “Chill Pill 4” will be available on Bandcamp & iTunes sometime in the coming months. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: 12 Original Players “Ten” [BEAT VIDEO]

Our UK homie Dean James AKA 12 Original Players dropped a brand new beat video called “Ten”. You can check out more of his slaps on SoundCloud and on Lunar C’s new jawn which I’ll post up later on. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Chemo “My Mate Does Beats” [NEW PROJECT]

Chemo (AKA Telemachus) just dropped a new producer album titled “My Mate Does Beats” which utilizes some of the most talented producers & beatmakers in the world today on said ambitious project on Kilamanjaro Music. Amongst these names you’ll find Team PIK members Pete Cannon, Naive (Naive Machine), Jon Phonics & ApaTight (AyePee) in addition to Beat Butcha, Paul White, Kosyne, Sivey, Myke Forte, Jae Genius, 184 and more. You can cop “My Mate Does Beats” right now from iTunes, Amazon or direct from Kilamanjaro Music as part of the T shirt & CD bundle. Do me a favor and support my peoples across the pond who make great music. Don’t sleep…


DON’T SLEEP: Wizard x Scizzahz “Lobster Music Vol. 1” [BEAT TAPE]

Wizard and Scizzahz teamed up to make a beat tape for the Summer that’s as hot as the block or a boiling pot of freshly cooked lobster. Being from New England (and being that these two are from OLD ENGLAND) I  can easily rock with this “Lobster Music Vol. 1”. Don’t sleep!


DON’T SLEEP: Jaisu “2 Stacks” [BEAT TAPE]

I have every single Jaisu beat tape imaginable. Both released & unreleased. I have so many Jaisu beats that he & S-Type have their own section in my beats collection. Here is his latest outing, the 20 slap opus called “2 Stacks”. I have the original version of “2 Stacks” and they BOTH bang. Don’t sleep on this…