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DON’T SLEEP: Pete Cannon “Quick Hip Hop Beat On Amiga 1200/Octamed/8 Bit” [BEAT VIDEO]

Team PIK member Pete Cannon once again goes full retard on the beats by making a slap on a damb Amiga 1200 using two beatmaking/music production programs that are about as old as the British show “The Real McCoy” our UK cousins used to watch after BET stopped airing “Desmond’s” (I went back with that one). Don’t sleep on my dude, shun! Salute to Pete Cannon. For that heat, hit him up at petecannonmusic[at]gmail[dot]com. Serious inquiries only. My dude might punch the moon on some Tetsuo shit and turn it into a beat for you to rap over. Don’t sleep…


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